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[Proposal] Two New Ideas

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I am trying to come up with a few new trade ideas, rather than the common Lou or Schneider to Tampa Bay along with signing Parise.


New York Islanders need to turn a corner. They only have 39 million committed to 15 players next season. With guys like Tavares, Okposo, Hamonic just about to enter their prime in the next couple of years, they need to add a couple of core prime players. Therefore they might be willing to part with a couple of their young assets.

Ryan Kesler, Keith Ballard for 2012 4th overall pick, (2011 5th overall pick) Ryan Strome, 2012 second round pick (34th overall)

Kesler clearly had a bit of a down season. His no trade clause has not kicked in yet and we could get a very good return for him. New York also only has Streit signed on as a veteran defenseman next year along with Hamonic. Ballard would be a good fit for them (a few good games with Tanev in the playoffs does not signify a whole lot).

The Canucks get two future stud players along with 9 million of cap space. This deal is similar to the deal that Philadelphia got from Columbus for Jeff Carter. Losing Kesler definitely hurts but can be addressed through a goalie trade or free agency. Ultimately Strome will take that position in a year or two.

Then draft Murray, Forsberg, Galchenyuk or Grigorenko


Florida has had a great year and has ridden Theodore and Clemmenson in net, to reasonable success. Neither of those guys are the long term solution in net. Clemmenson's contract is up and both are older goalies. I am not sure whether Luongo would waive his NTC to go back there, as he's "been there, done that" even though it was under different management and a less successful team. It's possible he would, especially with his wife being from there.

Luongo/Schneider, Schroeder (+2nd round pick if take Luongo) to Florida for Weiss, Gudbranson (+Theodore if they take Luongo)

Just to make the above more clear, there are two ideas.

Luongo, Schroeder, 2nd round pick for Weiss, Gudbranson, Theodore


Schneider, Schroeder for Weiss, Gudbranson

Then Schneider splits time with Theodore next year before Schneider fully takes over long term. That helps Schneider ease in to a full season as the #1.

The Panthers then do with Markstrom what the Canucks did with Schneider. Give him an extra full season in the minors then pull him up, give him spot starts to boost his value. If both prove to be elite, you can trade one.

Trade Raymond to whoever for whatever


Sedin - Sedin - Burrows

Booth - Weiss - Kassian/Grigorenko/Galchenyuk

Higgins - Strome - Hansen

Malhotra - Lapierre - Bitz/Volpatti/Weiss

Hamhuis - Bieksa

Edler - Gudbranson

Salo (re-signed) - Tanev/Gragnani/Rome/Alberts

Loungo, Lack OR Schneider, Theodore

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I think it would be a stretch to acquire those top prospects in both of those trades but regardless even if we were to get all those guys you mentioned would you be comfortable with putting up with the inconsistency that is bound to happen with a rookie/2nd year guy on the second line and another one in the top 4. Also not that I think either of those trades would go through but its a huge gamble to get prospects that may or may not pan out even if the trades above were agreed upon

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