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The Core Is Solid, There Is Very Few Things Which Need To Be Changed.


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I heard AV and MG once say the resason our third line was so good with manny torres and hansen on it is because they were physical. It is obvious that manny aint as good as he was two years ago and it is obvious that pahlsson is not as good as he was four years ago that is why we have 1st 2nd 3rd 4th liner Maxim Lapierre. Never have i seen a guy gt moved around the lineup as much as this guy however he proved he switches gears when he is given the oppurtunity, he also was a great third liner for MTL in 08 i say we give him the oppurtunity and if it does not work after 10 games then call up schroeder and there is also no harm because he is supposed to be our 4th liner anyways. Also we need a sencond lin winger and a bigger D. Also i know no one likes Komisarek on toronto but there was a time in Vancouver where no one liked lapierre so think about that.

My Line up template

Sedin-Sedin-Burrows (good line)

?- Kesler-Booth (Someone who can set up kesler please/ hopefully a nice sized winger)

Higgins-Lapierre-Hansen (physical/skilled= playoff material if lappy does not play well play schroeder)

?- Manny-Kassian (Weise will probs resign for depth but i would like moen or kostopoulos or prust)

Bieksa-Hamhuis(good line)

? - Edler (a big dmen who hits maybe schenn? or komo or franson or phaneuf relistically)

Salo/Tanev-Ballard (if salo come back)

luongo or schneider ?

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Jordan Schroeder can make the jump and be that playmaker for Kesler and Booth. There will be growing pains, especially at the start of the season, but I really think Coach V needs to stick with it and give the kid the opportunity. This team is good enough to win in the regular season without second line production; last season proved that.

We really dont have the cap space to add both a playmaking winger and a solid D-man on either the free agent market or through a trade, so the improvement needs to come from within. I'd rather target one major need and land an impact player rather than spread out our resources and add two average players.

I was thinking one of Carle, Wideman, or Oduya for D-men. I doubt we are going to land Suter, he'll be the Brad Richards of this year and will probably end up landing 7 million plus. Carle and Wideman would help out on the PP, while Oduya is a solid defensive d-man.

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Elite scoring winger

2nd line playmaker

Top pair d man

bottom six upgrades

Daniel - Henrik - Parise

Booth - Kesler - Ray Whitney

Burrows - Schroeder - Kassian

Higgins - Lapierre - Hansen

Suter - Edler

Hamhuis - Bieksa

Tanev - Connauton



If we trade Luongo, Raymond and Ballard (and if Salo retires) gives us well enough money to sign all of Zach, Ryan and Ray. Bring up Schroeder

and Connauton also.

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this is a terrible thread... you really didnt make any significant points, then you posted a lineup "template"

if you want to say "the core is solid" how about bringing up some points? not just crapping out another lineup thread like the 50 others since we were 0-3

our core got blown out of the playoffs, anyone that can be moved to improve the team will be.

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They need is.

1st line needs a big solid player with hands that can hit and defend Sedins

2nd line Kesler and Booth to play together then add Jensen( Kesler becomes a playmaking center as well or shifted to wing and bring in a playmaking center)

3rd line Higgins Schroeder Kassian

4th line Bitz Lappiere Hansen

Unfortunately you'd lose Burrows because you couldn't afford his 5million dollar pay raise which he deserves.Lu would go to Tampa for Connoly and a pick but most likely Malone and someone thus giving the Sedins size and hands and strength on their line.

The team would then have size, skill and grit on all three lines while Higgins and Kassian could protect the smaller but stocky Schroeder. Raymond, Malholtra would also be off the books along with a new coach that could lead the offence without the defence carrying it.

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