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How Do You Report A Business


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I was hoping you guys could help me with some advice and recommendations on what to do.

My girlfriend recently bought this http://www.teambuy.c...couver/28136768. 2 Massages worth $120 for $30. The details state Includes two 60-minutes treatments of acupuncture or acupressure. But when she arrived, they told her there was an additional $40 cost in order to pay the masseuse as the masseuse would not get paid otherwise. The $30 goes to the company.

To me, this sounds illegal. Not only is it a hidden cost, but they asked her for an additional $40 otherwise the employee would not get paid.

#1, I don't see any small print on the teambuy website about there being the possibility of an additional expense. However I think teambuy gets off the hook because this 1-1 accupuncture places calls it a $40 tip, not an expense. Also it seems like bait and switch, advertise for $30 but in reality the cost is $40 after fees (exorbitant tip amount)

#2 I don't see how it is legal for an employer to rely on customers to pay their employees wages

Is there somewhere I can report this business? I found ways to complain about a company as an employee but not as a customer

Edit: this scammy place is called 1-1 acupuncture.

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