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(Proposal) Philadelphia-Izing Our Defense

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Looking at two different teams' defense, an idea popped into my head.

The 2009 Stanley Cup Penguins' defense was this:




No real #1 type defenseman there, more like 2 #2's, 3 #3's and a #4.

Now look at the 2012 Philadelphia Flyers current defense if everyone were healthy WITHOUT Pronger:





(Pairings aren't exact) They also don't have a #1 type, but a lot of 2's, 3's and a 4.

I'd like to add some size, and extra scoring to our defense. So my idea was having this



Kuba-Kubina <-- Sign them each to a 1/2 year deal @ $3.5 million per season.

- Hamhuis and Bieksa are still a good shutdown pairing.

- Edler and Salo have good chemistry together.

- Kuba (6'4 225) and Kubina (6'4 258) have moderate scoring touch and like to hit. Both are 35.

If any injury were to happen to our top-4, Kuba and Kubina who still play top-4 minutes can step in.

Kuba plays the powerplay in Ottawa with a big shot from the point, as does Kubina.







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I see what you're saying about having six good defenseman rather than one or two great and a couple fillers. However the opposite argument can be made for many Stanley Cup Champions including Detroit relying on Lidstrom, Anaheim on Pronger and Niedermayer, New Jersey for all those years on Stevens and Niedermayer, etc

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I have a feeling you made this just to have an all-name pairing of Kuba-Kubina.

Then what happens to Tanev, Gragnani and Ballard?

The idea of having 6 good defenseman is a good one - who wouldn't want that one? And a bottom pairing of Kuba & Kubina wouldn't be that bad, but I really liked Ballard's play just before and just after the injury and if Tanev has another good summer he has quite a bit of potential going into next year.

I would love to see the Canucks sign Kubina. Kuba? I am sure there are better options out there - in fact, Ballard might be that option, but we'll see I guess.

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