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Salary And Cap Hit


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salary is what the player is making in one season and cap hit is the amount that goes towards the cap of the team. Example Luongo's salary last year was 10 million so he made that amount that year but his cap hit is 5.3 million towards his 12 year contract and that's the amount that goes towards the team cap hit

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cap hit is the average a player gets paid through his contract. that's why the NHL doesn't want 15+ year contracts because GM's will sign players to contracts that pay 100mil and have it all front loaded so if the player chooses to retire he already made his dough. and the cap hit is super low because the final years pay hardly anything.

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All of these are good examples but they don't really spell it out (they assume you still know a few things).

If a player makes 50 million over 7 years but they pay him:

Year 1: 10 mil

Year 2: 10 mil

Year 3: 6 mil

Year 4: 6 mil

Year 5: 6 mil

Year 6: 6 mil

Year 7: 6 mil

Then his Salary is still $50million, however, to get his cap hit, take the average.

$50/7 = $7.14mil Cap Hit (less than the $10mil he's paid his first 2 years). It's this number that counts towards the teams Cap each year, not his total salary. Hopefully that's clearer.

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