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[Off Season + Speculation]Potential Moves To Come - Based On Facts We Know

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After a cleary disappointing finish to a season that points wise, went as well as it did, My feeling is that two things are about to occur.

A few facts to get things rolling:

1.Roberto Luongo Has cleared this team to find him a new home if needed. He's actually been pretty classy thus far about everything.

2.Mike Gillis & Alain Vigneault do not have much rope left. This is the season that will most likely either make or break them as a part of the Canucks organization. They are both in final years of their contracts and the Aquilini's, as proven in their other business ventures, are not the type to continue to go with the same personnel forever.

3.Alain Vigneault is the winning-est coach in club history, this fact makes him, in my humble opinion, worthy of the final year of his contract and perhaps an extension.

4.We have two amazing cog-piece goal-tenders that MANY other teams in the league would die to have just one of.

5.Ryan Kesler had an off year. He is a legit #2 centre-man in this League. Injury most likely played a part in this. Mid-Feb shoulder injury, Feb 11th is the game that it seems it happened vs. Calgary(speculation based on timeline), his goal production slipped after that point from .36 goals per game, to .14 goals per game. Hard to release that wrist shot we love when your shoulder is slipping and potentially requires surgery.

6.The Sedins had off-years also. Daniel's injury played a big part in this, but overall they either have taken a step back, had a random off year, or are starting to get a bit older. Either way, they had a worse year than we expect from them going forward.

7.Vancouver is a beautiful city with a Cup potential team, that has a major American core to it's team. (Kesler,Higgins,Schneider,Booth,Alberts,Ballard)

8.Zach Parise is the Major UFA this off season, who subsequently is also American.

8.Mason Raymond is an RFA, Along with Gragnani.

9.Sammy Pahlsson, Aaron Rome, and Sami Salo are all UFA's


Present Day - End of Draft Day(s) June 22/23rd 2012

1. Luongo + RFA Gragnani and/or RFA Raymond and/or Picks traded to one of the following teams : Columbus, Toronto, Tampa Bay (Or other east coast candidates).

(These teams would pay roughly the following, These are examples of what we might get in return, not presented as facts, but merely what we might get):


Nikita Nikitin (Big Body, break out year)

Steve Mason (Terrible couple of seasons, Has 1 year b4 RFA to prove his worth)

Jared Boll


Joe Colborne (Big body, huge potential)

Mike Brown (Gillis admits he wanted to keep Brown years ago, we need grit)

Cody Franson


Tampa Bay:

Ryan Malone (Big power forward, Also American)

Mathieu Garon (Great backup, very proven, plays well under pressure)

Brian Lee

2.Cory Schneider is signed to a 3-5 year extension, ranging between a best case 2.5Million/Yr, and a worst case 5 Million/yr. A Backup will be acquired who can play 20-30 games (Mason/Gustavsson/Garon)

3.DRAFT: Ballard is moved for picks, other than that. Standard boring draft day. MG drafts a player who is destined for a college team in the first round.


1.Zach Parise signed 4 yr/ approx 6million dollar contract with Canucks.

2.Canucks Re-Sign Sami Salo to a 2 yr, 1.5 million dollar per season deal.

3.Aaron Rome and Pahlsson walk.

4.Torrey Mitchell as another utility centre, 2yr 1.5 million per

Training Camp:

1.Jensen/Schroeder/Rodin/Connauton all impress. Earning themselves callups during regular season.

Regular Season Lineup(s) Based on Potential Trades

1.(CBJ Trade)












2. (TOR Trade)












3.(TBL Trade)












Obviously these are all very speculative, that said, this is the type of off season I forsee the Canucks having, and the type of players that MG will target to make this team better now. Cap works (almost) on all these trades... nothing out of the question $$ wise though.

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Luongo is worth a top prospect + 1 roster player + picks.... His retarded contract hurts his value slightly. That's why we're not looking at these trades with rose colored glasses, thinking we're going to get Nash or Stamkos or Lupul for him is just crazy. There's nothing wrong with Bobby Lou, it's just time to make a move when it comes to Cory, and Luongo clearly needs to be #1 wherever he is.

No, I wasn't one of the ones who drove him out of town, I rather like Roberto. But I am also not crazy about what we will get for him. If he was signed to 2 more years, his value would be unreal. But 10 more... a difficult sell to say the least.

Would you take Lecavalier's contract right now? His value is lessened also in the same way.

This Isn't NHL 12 folks...

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Think we could pull a 3 way deal with Toronto and Columbus?

to CBJ: Reimer/Gardiner/van 1st

to TOR: Luongo/Raymond/Sauve

to VAN: Nash

think they'd bite? CBJ still gets a goalie that's better than their current one. Plus another solid prospects for their lineup, and Vancouver's 1st pick. That's a pretty good return for Rick Nash, knowing that he has a NTC.

TO gets a superstar goalie who'd probably waive his NTC to go to TO, and Raymond, who may fit in better with their open system. All they got rid of was Reimer and Gardiner and replaced with Luongo and Sauve. Raymond's just a added wild card.

Van gets that bonifide game changing big body star in Rick Nash. With our current drafting, it's most likely our first would pan out another Patrick White, or a rookie that doesn't want to play for us, so it wouldn't hurt to trade it. Luongo's time is done here, and so is Raymond's. So we aren't exactly losing the farm here for him. With Luongo and Raymond gone, those two alone would be able to fit Nash under the cap.

Then maybe sign Asham.

Sedins - Nash

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