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Limbless Man To Swim Around The World

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Philippe Croizon, Limbless Man, To Swim Around The World With Prosthetic Limbs:

He's crossed the English Channel before, and now he wants to swim around the world -- without any arms or legs.

French endurance athlete Philippe Croizon -- who lost his limbs in 1994 after being shocked while changing a TV antenna on his roof -- announced Tuesday that he wants to swim between five continents, Fox News reported.

Croizon, 44, will spend his summer swimming between continents using prosthetic limbs and fins attached to the stumps of his legs. He'll swim with friend Arnaud Chassery, starting with a swim between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea in May.

"We are going to symbolically link the five continents, two little people like us, two little men, we're going to be able to build a bridge between the continents," he told the International Business Times."That means that we're going to bring them together. Which means no one is very far from each other. So even if we have different political opinions, or skin colors, or even with our disabilities, we all live on the same planet. And that's the clear message we want to send."

Croizon says he'll swim across a series of narrow straits totaling 53 miles and some 45 hours in the water, Reuters reported.


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