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Make The Most Realistic "luongos 5 Team List"

Guest AriGold

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Tampa Bay


New Jersey




- Both wild cards/last resort he'd like to go to.

....I think as much as Lu would love to go to Detroit to win the Cup or have a much greater chance to, MG wouldn't trade him there because Lu and Detroit would easily burn us as they are in the same conference.

, ScBtw, I don't think Lu will be gone....will be Schneids - Lu is proven, with Schneids you have no guarantees + Schneids can get a better return for the team.

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Columbus Blue Jackets

Edmonton Oilers

New York Islanders

Toronto Maple Leafs

Calgary Flames

and I guess any team in Florida because he loves it there so much.


Honestly, I don't care where Luongo ends up, I'm just going to wish him well and end it like that.

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It's simple, Lu will go where he is wanted. He's a great goalie, he deserves that at least.

Team's that would want Lu and help him to feel like a valuable part of the team:

1. Tampa

2. New Jersey

3. San Jose

4. New York Islanders

5. Toronto

To me, that's it.

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My list:

1 - Tampa Bay ... for obvious reasons near his wife

2 - NJ Devils ... if Brodeur retires

3 - Montreal ... home town boy ! (might be difficult with Price there tho)

4 - Boston ... just to P O the fans of Vancouver as well as the home fans

5 - Chicago ... same as # 4

6 - Vancouver ... just to P O the Vancouver fans :bigblush:

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1. Tampa Bay Lightning

2. Florida Panthers

3. Toronto Maple Leafs

4. Chicago Blackhawks

5. San Jose Sharks

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i really suggest he doesn't go to a canadian hockey market especially the likes of Toronto because if he goes there and fails, he will be getting even more blame than he already is!

Most suitable teams would be Tampa, Florida, NJ (if brodeur retired this year), Islanders, Colorado?

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