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Make The Most Realistic "luongos 5 Team List"

Guest AriGold

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Pens...... Flyers......???

I think Tampa would be the best fit... maybe NJ...

but i don't want him to go .

he is the best goalie this team ever had and he has been since he first got here.....no one looks at the big picture with Lu they look at the few bad games... he got us to the SCF game 7 at that...

if he leaves i hope he wins a cup.

edit: so any team but Toronto because i never want them to win anything.

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Guys how realistic that he would go to Chicago? Would they even want him? I mean no one better (then perhaps Vancouver) would know how he lets teams get into his head and then melts down on the ice. ....... And more importantly if he does go to Chicago what would we get in return? I would want nothing less then some one worthy of the cost of Lu because regardless of anything he has so far been the best goalie this franchise has ever had. If he is to leave to let Cory have his time to shine then we better get something BIG in return...


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can anyone explain the logic of listing Minnesota? We already have a goalie issue to deal with (Backs/Harding with the "next" guy already waiting for his spot as "back up.") Not to mention, how smart would it be to lock up over $10 million with 2 goalies that have NTC in their contracts?

I wouldn't be shocked to see him traded to Chicago (if it's on his list.) Imagine the riot that would occur if Lou played there, and beat the 'Nucks in the playoffs.

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Tampa Bay


New Jersey




- Both wild cards/last resort he'd like to go to.

....I think as much as Lu would love to go to Detroit to win the Cup or have a much greater chance to, MG wouldn't trade him there because Lu and Detroit would easily burn us as they are in the same conference.

, ScBtw, I don't think Lu will be gone....will be Schneids - Lu is proven, with Schneids you have no guarantees + Schneids can get a better return for the team.

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Florida x




Montreal x

Carolina x

Dallas x


I think for Luongo we could get a somewhat productive roster player with a fairly high cap hit and a younger guy on a lower cap hit or a draft pick.

Tampa - Teddy Purcell + Pick/prospect

Toronto - Kulemin/Connolly + Franson

Washington - Neuvirth + Ward/Laich/Brouwer

Ottawa - Anderson + Michalek

Tampa - Teddy Purcell has decent size and is a solid playmaker. He might be a good fit playing opposite to Booth.

Toronto - Connolly would give us a scoring line centre who is more of a playmaker, freeing up Kesler to check other teams top lines. Again Connolly would be a good compliment to Booth's shooting game. While his numbers look bleak he did put up an ESP every 30 minutes this past season compared to Kesler's ESP over 43 minutes (30% more productive).

Washington - Laich or Brouwer would be solid additions on the 2nd line wing position (moreso Laich). Ward would slot into a 3rd line role, putting Kesler into an offensive position 5 on 5. Neuvirth has one more year on his contract and his experience would relieve some pressure off of Schneider while his youth would create some competition.

Ottawa - Doesn't really make much sense for either team.

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1. Toronto

Luongo for Schenn and Ashton. Burke has to over pay to deal with MG.

2. Tampa

Luongo for Connolly and a 1st

3. Washington

Luongo for Carlsson

4. New Jersey

Luongo for Volchenkov ?

I doubt Florida would be interested and vice versa

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In no particular order:

1. Montreal

2. Toronto

3. Tampa Bay

4. New Jersey

5. Detroit

I wouldn't rule out NJ because Brodeur and Luongo and friends, and if Brodeur is on the fence about retiring... knowing the Luongo would be replacing him would be a good thing.

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