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Make The Most Realistic "luongos 5 Team List"

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Like a lot of folks, I figure the Canucks will try to get a top-6 winger, more than likely a right winger assuming Booth isn't traded and remains on the left side, and a top d-man to play with Edler. Everything else is icing on the cake.

I've eliminated the teams in the Western Conference. True San Jose might need a goalie, but let 'em sink. :P

From the remaining teams, TB, Toronto, and NJ are the likely candidates. Florida has a prospect so they are unlikely to want to take on Luongo for several years.

From these teams, there are a couple of guys who the Canucks would really like, but likely won't get. I'm talking Hedman (TB) and Larsson (NJ).

If the Canucks can't get Larsson out of NJ, then there's not a whole heck of a lot they have to offer (IMO). I'm not sold on Clarkson being more than a one season wonder. The only other really significant asset is Parise, and he will be a UFA. They might not have a 1st rounder for this year's draft (see the Kovalchuk signing), but perhaps they might be convinced to trade away a future 1st rounder or two.

TB will very likely not part with Hedman, and they are unlikely to part with Connolly. What does that leave them to trade? One or both of the first round picks they currently own, and Purcell. Everyone else is covered by a NTC so it can't be relied upon that they would waive to come here.

I don't see Luongo going to Toronto. If he got beaten down by being here, Toronto will be worse. As to assets, maybe Franson would be nice to have, perhaps Schenn, but I don't care for any of their forwards. The most significant asset they own is the 5th overall pick, and I doubt Burke parts with that, unless he is feeling the heat to produce a winner NOW.



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I guess he wants to go to Toronto because of Francois Allaire


Tampa Bay. (Near Miami)

Florida, (Near his wife)

Detroit Nuff said. Honestly, still one of the best teams in the leauge


However right now I want to talk about who was interested In luongo in 2006

1 Ottawa. However Mucklar is no longer the GM

2 Colorado was really interseted. But that GM Eric Lacroix is no longer in Colorado

3 Detroit. Detroit was in it.

4 Boston offered Thornton howver that GM is no longer there.

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