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Kassian Is Neely. Hodgson Is Pederson.


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Kassian is the young, unproven, power forward that Neely was when the Canucks traded him for Barry Pederson.

Hodgson is the smaller, softer, more proven player that Pederson was before Boston sent him our way... after a major injury/surgery.

Zack's ceiling is way higher than Cody's in my opinion. He's a better skater, he has an above average NHL body, and he's got good hands. He's also been through way more adversity in his life than Cody has which I believe makes him a stronger person. The fact that he's willing to drop the gloves for his team also says a great deal about his drive/desire to succeed. Tearing a back muscle and hearing negative things from his coach was traumatic for Cody...

Don't get me wrong, I like Hodgson and I think he will be a solid player for buffalo, I just feel that some of you are insistent on seeing the glass half empty rather than realizing Gillis may have actually done his homework here.

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