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My Ideal 2012/2013 Line Up


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First of all warning that this is a long read. I have given multiple options for each position thats open on the roster.

My goal with this lineup is to address 3 main issues.

1: Add more size & grit

2: Add a solid top 4 defence man (hopefully Option 1 goes through)

3: Get younger. Have aleast 3 rookies on the roster.

Line 1: Daniel Sedin---Henrik Sedin---Alexandre Burrows

Line 2: Brenden Morrow(4.1/yr)---Jordan Schroeder---Ryan Kesler

Line 3: Steve Ott(2.95/yr)---Paul Gaustad (2.5/yr)---Jannik Hansen  

Line 4: Matt Martin (900K)---Maxim Lapierre---Zack Kassian

Extra:  Mike Duco

Defence 1: Alexander Edler---Ryan Suter(7/yr)

Defence 2: Dan Hamhuis---Kevin Bieksa  

Defence 3: Bryan Allen(2.9/yr)---Chris Tanev

Extra: Matt Carkner (700K/yr)



Cory Schneider (4/yr)

Eddie Lack (900K/yr)


Manny Malhotra$833,333

Roster Size    Salary Cap    Salary Cap Payroll    Bonuses             Space

22            $64,300,000      $64,083,333            $125,000    $216,667

Trade #1:

To Dallas:

-    Chris Higgins

-    David Booth

-    Keith Ballard

To Vancouver

-    Brendan Morrow

-    Steve Ott

-    2nd round pick

Why? - My main reason for doing this is to add more grit to the line up. I think Morrow and Ott are better players to have for the playoffs. I like Higgins and didn't want to get rid of him but I don't think Ballard & Booth would have done it. If you don't like this trade than the Booth & Higgins would just replace Morrow & Ott in the lineup. Ballard would have to be flipped for prospects and/or picks to allow for cap space.

Trade #2:

To Islanders:

-    Mason Raymond

To Vancouver:

-    Matt Martin & 5th round pick

Why?: Matt Martin is a 6'3 210 LW that lead the NHL with over 300 hits last year. I believe we need this kind of size and grit on our 4th line. With this trade I am also thinking about Mason Raymond as I think he will get a chance to prove himself in the top 6 for the Islanders.

Trade #3:

To Tampa Bay:

-    Roberto Loungo

-    Andrew Alberts

To Vancouver:

-    Brett Connolly

-    10th overall pick\

Why? If Robreto is submitting a list of teams you can bet he is going to get traded. Whether it happens to be Tampa Bay or not I think Canucks will only get a Prospect that's potentially NHL ready and a 1st round pick. I have checked to see if Tampa can take on the cap space and they can. Their 3rd & 4th line will be weaker but they will have enough cap space.

Free Agent Signings:

Top 4 D man:

Option 1 – Ryan Suter – 35 million over 5 years (7 mil/year). Out of all the changes I really wish this would go through. I think the canucks really lack a steady top four D that can settle our entire D down. Who knows with this option if Webber becomes a UFA after next year we could let Edler go and sign Weber.

Option 2 – Dennis Wiedman – 13.5 over 3 years (4.5 mil/year)

Option 3 – Brad Stuart – 12 million over 4 years (4 mil/year)

3rd Pairing D:Option 1: Bryan Allen - 8.7 million over 3 years (2.9/year) - Adds size, grit and can block a lot of shotsOption 2: Cory Sarich - 8.7 million over 2 years (2.9/year)Option 3: Shaone Morrison - 4 million over 2 years (2/year)3rd Line Center:

Option 1 – Paul Gaustad – 7.5 million over 3 years (2.5 mil/year)

Option 2 – Jim Slater – 3 million over 2 years (1.5 mil/year. Really good face-off guy, decent size, scorer and shutdown guy. Not the same level as Gaustad or old Manny but that's why he is cheaper. With the additional cap space we could even do a deal at the deadline if Slater is not working out.

Option 3 – Manny Malhotra – 2.5 for the year – Maybe he trains over the summer and is able to play at the same level. I think Gillis has full information on Manny's injury. He probably knows what percentage of Manny's vision is back and whether or not its just a matter of a full summer for him.

2nd line winger/center:

Battle between 3 prospects

Option 1 – Jordan Shroeder – Center – He is a good playmaker and eventhough he is small putting him between Morrow and Kesler will open up a lot of space for him. Also just because we are putting Kesler on RW doesn't mean he can't take defensive zone face-offs. I really think Kesler's offensive numbers will improve if he is put on the wing and has a good play making center.

Option 2 – Brett Connolly – RW

Option 3 – Zach Kassian – RW

The worst out of the bunch ends up in the AHL. The best one gets 2nd line spot and the 2nd best one gets 4th line duties.

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Dunno if Dallas lets go of Morrow and Ott. Not sure if Dallas is willing to commit to 2 long term contracts in Booth and Ballard who have high cap hits at 4.2m. And there's almost no way we get Wideman, Stuart, and Suter, 3 of the most desirable defenseman in free agency this year. We'd be lucky to get 1 of them.

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