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[Report] Luongo Requests A Trade During Exit Meeting With Gillis


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Well..maybe now we can get a goalie who can score..because that is the only thing that Luongo didn't do for us and MUST be the reason everyone else hates him here in Vancouver.

Let's get something straight "fans". You all suck. 3/4 of you only watched your first hockey game last year, most of that 3/4 still don't know what icing is and yet you are all stupid enough to boo and taunt a world class goalie to the point he wants out.

Love my Canucks..hate every single last one of you people who came only bought a Canucks jersey because it has pretty colors (known as Canuck fans).

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I really don;t get this..".lessor value" thing because he asked for a trade. His stats don;t change. hes the same goaltender. He just wants to be #1 no matter where he is. There was good reason to think MG would trade him...so..Lou...took the iniative...maybe to let MG off the hook so he did not have to go back on his word and ask Lou to wave his NT contract. Maybe its just another unselfish act by Lou ???????

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Congratulations Vancouver. You've just buried another goal tender. I wouldn't blame Luongo one bit if he asked out of this ungracious market. It`s too bad Luongo couldn't score more goals to keep you people happy.

This Team will forever be the bridesmaid with the mentality of the support and fans here.

Good luck Schneids. Hope you can keep the GA average less than 1.5 cuz there's no one on this team that'll help you out by scoring goals. Besides the Sedins (who are now in decline) I don't see goal scorers.

Let`s see how Scneids does with the pressure of a whole season over his head and the fans ready to bring out the grave diggers on his first bad game.

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I really don;t get this..".lessor value" thing because he asked for a trade. His stats don;t change. hes the same goaltender. He just wants to be #1 no matter where he is. There was good reason to think MG would trade him...so..Lou...took the iniative...maybe to let MG off the hook so he did not have to go back on his word and ask Lou to wave his NT contract. Maybe its just another unselfish act by Lou ???????

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To people who say they won't be able to move his contract. They'll move it with ease. Columbus just moved Jeff Carter's contract and thats twice as insane as Lou's. Plus there's lots of Jeff Carter's in the league, while there aren't many Luongo's.

Hopefuly MG can pull a 3 way trade involving Columbus, sending Lou to either TB or TO and get Rick Nash back in return, but it will take much more than Lou alone to acomplish that.

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I don't hold anything against Lou for wanting to move on. Schneider played in 30 games this year and next would want even more. My reflections;

- A lot of fans didn't like Lou because he called them and the media out for being ignorant about goaltending. He wasn't shy when he arrived to point out that not ALL goals scored against him were not his fault. Whether that education was completed or not is questionable, it is much needed in this market. Much easier mentally to not have to think beyond the shot that beats a goaltender than the play that led up to it. Lou also did a pretty good job of explaining the mechanics of goaltending. Was it Hrudy who talked about Lou's bow leggedness and the fact that it makes him go down on his stomach more to get his pads flat on the ice. Schneider can retain a upright position better.

- Keeping Schneider is a better deal for Van as he is 6 years younger, cheaper and fundamentally a better goalie.

- I suspect the return for Lou will be better than for Schneider. Hopefully a top 4 d-man who can play a physical game. Man I wish MG had got Boychuk when he was available. No Vinnie please!

- At 33 Lou has to think of his career and hopes for a CUP. Don't blame for that.

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when we traded for Lu, he was on a team that was bad defensively. he was taking 35-40 shots a night and playing every game of the year. When he came to Vancouver, the work load dropped considerably from a game to game perspective. Vancouver was better defensively and he only was taking 20-25 shots a game on average. An now he also has a great back up that is sucking up 20-25 games a year. If you ask me he just isn't busy enough to find his rhythm. If he wants to improve his numbers, he needs to play on a team that is bad defensively. Sounds kind of counter intuitive but some goalies need to be busy, and if they are not its like their knickers are on back wards.

The first couple of years that he was here the canucks were not stellar defensively and Lu was pretty busy and he thrived on that and had some good years. But the better this team got defensively, the worse Lu got. Management noticed some chinks in his armor and started to baby him by giving him more rest........this I believe to be the biggest mistake that management has made with Lu and is partially responsible for his down fall in Vancouver. We where resting him when we should have been working him harder and throwing him back in after tough games.

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In a number of his interviews this season he said he plays for his team, his family, and himself. The big missing piece there is obviously the fans. He really just seemed to try to tune us, and the media, out.

With that said, I think fault is shared equally amongst fans and himself. He's really had a lot of questionable comments / performances at times which clearly worked against us. Alternatively, fans got increasingly critical of him over time even for the smallest things.

All in all, a change of scenery is good for him and us.

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In the end, it was never about the brunt of the fanbase, nor was it dictated by his performance this year or in seasons prior. The organization, starting with ownership, down to management made the conscious choice of which player would be able to provide this team with stability and quality goaltending in the short term and the long. I think it is understandably difficult to make this decision on a whim, which was why Schneider was chosen to start the games he did, in Gillis' words, "by design". The type of player and person that Schneider, his maturity and confidence beyond his years and experience, his terrific skillset; these are all rare traits that don't come along often.

I don't have an issue with Luongo asking for a trade, which was abundantly the case even before TSN's confirmation, and not the other way around. Schneider has emerged as a legitimate talent with the potential to not only be a number one goaltender, but to be a franchise goaltender much in the same vein as Luongo. Schneider won't necessarily have a clear path to replacing Luongo; he may struggle at times, and he will not be used to having a bigger workload, but to assume that he will fail is nothing but venomous, and has no basis of thought other than a personal agenda. Yeah, I'm talking to you "DownUnda". Schneider had 2/5ths of our wins this year and he was a big part of our success this year. Every young goaltender starts somewhere and they are all unproven until they aren't.

It is very difficult to come in on spot-starts and play as well as Schneider has the last two years. Goaltenders tend to play themselves into a rhythm through consecutive starts; where their reads get quicker, when timing and physiological reactions become in-sync, and the intensity of games becomes a forethought. Give merit where merit is earned.

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This article might help understanding.

The Province:

Canucks' Luongo a Toronto Maple Leaf. Seriously

Toronto has the means, and Lu has the motivation in goalie guru Francois Allaire


One of the potential landing spots for Roberto Luongo is Toronto.

Now, wouldn't that be fun?

A tweet Wednesday from TSN's James Duthie said: "Roberto Luongo will submit a shortlist of teams he'd waive his no-trade to go to next week. Toronto will be on it."

That promises to change the entire tenor of this deal. It also promises the 2012 Luongo watch is going to get some over-the-top play on a couple of all-sports networks in Canada.

Toronto has several things going for it. There's Dave Nonis, who traded for Luongo when he was the general manager of the Canucks. They have a significant need for a No. 1 goalie, which is required. They can handle the cash it's going to cost, the bulk of which is $40.3 million during the next six years.

But most importantly, they have Francois Allaire, Luongo's longtime goalie guru who works with him during the offseasons. Allaire also happens to be the Maple Leafs' goalie coach.

This can not be underplayed. The goalie coach is one of the critical factors for Luongo.

When he was with Florida, in his final negotiation, one of Luongo's demands was that they hire Allaire. In Vancouver, Luongo was stunned and disappointed when Ian Clark was fired. Reportedly, he thought Clark came with the deal when he signed on in Vancouver for 12 years.

If Toronto, a team desperate for a goalie, is in the mix and interested in Luongo, it promises to give the Canucks some needed leverage.

The Leafs have the No. 5 pick overall and emerging defenceman Jake Gardiner, but those assets aren't going back in a Luongo deal.

Having Toronto on his list should set flame to the idea that Luongo has had an issue with the market here and the fan base. Because he knows Vancouver is just a pup tent compared to the circus that is Toronto. Have to admit, the guy has guts.

Ball parking on the potential Luongo market, Hockey Night in Canada's Elliotte Friedman already said as many as nine teams could be interested, including the most mentioned destinations of Florida and Tampa Bay.

Good news for the Canucks if everyone loves Luongo, because this isn't going to be easy, and the more teams interested in the goalie and the 10 years remaining on his deal, the better.

Luongo isn't going to be the only elite goalie on the market. After the Boston Bruins' first-round exit, there will be lots of speculation Tim Thomas will be on the block and maybe even Miikka Kiprusoff.

Making this summer more complicated is the reality the current CBA is expiring in September, which could leave some potential suitors wanting to wait to see what the new rules are before committing to paying out all that money.

One of the appealing aspects of Luongo's deal is that it lacks a no-movement clause. It's advantageous because a team could, under the current rules, bury his contract in the minors. It could be done whenever, but it'd be especially viable in six years when Luongo's salary dips to $3.3 million or in even years when it drops to $1.6 million.

But there is now a movement afoot to prevent teams from entombing their bad contracts in the minor leagues under a new CBA. That would change the landscape.

There is also this conundrum: It's risky for the Canucks to trade Luongo until they have Schneider ready to agree to a multi-year deal. But why would Schneider sign that long-term deal with Luongo still in the fold?

Asked about this, and if he'd sign that long-term deal as a restricted free agent, Schneider said: "That's way premature. Nothing has been said to me by Mike Gillis and Roberto is still here.

"It's something I haven't discussed with my agent, my family. It's something that has to work both ways."

One thing Schneider is not is intimidated by the Vancouver market and how, well, crazy, it can seem. Luongo isn't even out the door, and people already have their newest shiny scapegoat picked out in Ryan Kesler.

Despite being one of the top-three second-line centres in the NHL, there are those who are tiring of his act and even urging for a trade before his no-trade clause clicks in for the 2012-13 season.

So, in this climate, Schneider understands as starter, he's always a few poor outings away from having the torches turned to his direction. Just think, Luongo got ridiculous, over-the-top heat and he was replacing Alex Auld and Dan Cloutier. Schneider will be replacing a former Vezina finalist who is the best goalie in Canucks history. You can almost hear it now. He plays too deep, can't handle the puck and always gets beat short side. Where's Luongo?

At least he's had a front row seat and knows what he'd be in for.

"I learned a lot from him, and will take away a lot from him," Schneider said.

"The way he was able to handle pressure, criticism and praise and combine it all into playing hockey and working to be one of the most consistent goalies year in, year out in the league. That's something I strive for and would love to attain.

"Just being around him and witness him in action, dealing with criticism from media, teammates, and fans, it's been remarkable. And it's shown me the attitude you have to take. You can't worry about what you can't control."

The idea has been floated Schneider would rather play in a different market rather than being in the middle of the circus Luongo which centred around Luongo. But Schneider shot it down.

"You want to play in the areas where it's fun to play," Schneider said. "It's challenging and that's fun. Some people thrive in this kind of market, and this sort of attention.

"If you were to win here, it would make it that much sweeter. I think people enjoy this kind of atmosphere and environment."

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I can believe it..... starting Cory over him in the play-offs is a huge shot to the gut. He didn't even play poorly.

Loungo doesn't read what fans say. Fans can complain and harp as much as they want it doesn't matter. This is almost purely a reaction to the fact he is essentially splitting time now. I know I'd be pissed if I was an elite goalie and didn't even get the ball in the playoffs.

I like Schneider for the long term better, but man oh man, this situation doesn't have to be happening like this. Now the value of Loungo (assuming he did do what Kypreos is saying) has taken a large hit and our hand has been forced.

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