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I find it interesting that both teams that made it to the SC Finals last year were knocked out in the first round of this years playoff's.

Vancouver, after winning the Presidents Trophy, was shut down by a revived 8th seed LA Kings. LA had finished the season with 95 points, going 40-27-15

Boston, the current cup champions were, knocked out by 7th seed Washington, who BTW, finished with LESS points than LA. 92 points, going 42-32-8

We tend to micro-analyze the reason for our early departure, but I posted last year that the extra games played factored against the shorter period of rest had a huge potential to affect us this season. I tend to think now there is more truth to that than before. Making it as deep as we did twice in a row would be nothing short of a miracle.

It also gives me renewed hope for next season. While discouraged, with a long healthy summer of rest, a revived and refreshed Canucks will stand a great chance of driving deep, and an even greater chance of hoisting the cup for the first time!

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MG talked about this in his presser and talked about some new things he was planning next year.

I kind of suspect that he is going to give players mini-breaks through the year and give them a couple games off and no practices so they have 3-5 days to go chill with the family a couple of times during the season.

The season is so long players; bodies take these breaks anyways involuntarily, but they are just on the ice not performing well. It is a well-known human performance fact that when you break up long periods like this, performance increases.

It is a lot easier to push through if you know you have a break in a month rather than knowing that you don't have one until after the playoffs.

I think that is partly responsible for our (relatively) sucky play the last half of the season... the guys just knew what sort of grind was ahead of them to make it to the SCF, that they saved their strength a little to pace themselves.

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Kesler: give him 15-18 min. during regular season and he won't break down.

HS: he is a tank. give him more ice time - or just leave him at 18 min.

during the regular season roll all 4 lines, so you don't wear anyone out - that means we have to actually play younger guys on the 4th line, not just those who don't make the top 3 lines! lol AV

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Here's an idea, don't play Bieksa and Kesler 22+ min a night when they are injured. Or better yet, scratch them if you know the injury is 2 months before the playoffs.

I thought we're suppose to be a deep team?

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I think deep is a relative term. No one has top 4 pairings riding the pines waiting for a player to get injured. You can afford back up players, but with Ballard out with a concussion, and Eddie playing like dirt, sitting another player means putting someone in a top 4 role. Alberts, Rome, Gragnani, Sulzer, Tanev, Parent, Sauve, Connauton or even Baumgartner, which of these is CURRENTLTY a 15-20 minute player?

And, if this is some sort of a reflection on management, by saying they failed to acquire depth, which other team has a top 4 dman sitting in the wings?

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