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Luongo To Nj

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If one of the greatest goalies ever retires in NJ, I believe Luongo would be a perfect fit.

Vancouver trades- Luongo $5.3, Tanev $.9 and a first round pick 2013. $$6.2 cap

NJ trades- Greene $3.0, Clarkson $2.66 and a second round 2013. $5.66 cap

NJ gets a proven goalie to replace Brodeur for around the same kinda money(cap) and a young Dman who seems to be NHL ready.

Vancouver gets a veteran Dman who can fill the 3/4 slot easily(incase of a Ballard trade) and a tough with good hands RW that could easily play along side Kesler.

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Here's a better, yet realistic one:

To New Jersey: Luongo

To Vancouver: Kovalchuk

Why does Jersey do it? There is the obvious need for a goaltender to replace Brodeur. But also, their biggest concern right now is money. And so far, Kovalchuk has only made 6 million per year. But starting next season, he becomes far-and-away the highest paid player in the game:

His next 6 years of salary: 11.000 11.300 11.300 11.600 11.800 10.000

Why do we do it? Our most obvious need is a pure, sniping goalscorer. And, put simply, Kovalchuk is one of the best in the game at this, possibly 2nd only to Stamkos. How good would Ilya look teeing up one-timers from the two best passers in the game? And, despite the HUGE dollars going out, his cap hit is a perfectly manageable 6.667 million.

Why would we take on that contract? For one, money isn't much of an issue for our management. We are one of the most profitable teams in the league. Secondly, Kovalchuk just turned 29, and hasn't been prone to injury, so it's not like he should have much of a dropoff until the 6th year, and after that the money goes down considerably (upon which he'll likely retire). Thirdly, the circumstances around Luongo right now gives Gillis an out-clause, where he could say his hands were tied, and he had to take a bad contract back - basically telling his players not to try to use it as a measuring stick in negotiations.

...I'm not saying this is a perfect deal, or without it's drawbacks, but I think it is quite realistic, and could pay some big dividends for our team.

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