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A Different Way To Look At Luuuu


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Firstly... Schneiderman is awesome

Secondly... Lu is asking to be traded to either Toronto (missed the playoffs) or Tampa (missed the playoffs).

Does this not prove where Lu's loyalty lies, and always has? It is all about his wife that remains in Florida. His mind has never been in Vancouver because his wife and family has never been in Vancouver. Can you not imagine what their convos are like at home?

Lu: "I didn't play well and the fans deservedly let me have it, i need to play better"

Lu's wife: "screw the fans, they don't appreciate you and they don't deserve you, you should just quit hockey to be with me!!!"

Lu to the media: "the team crapped the bed in front of me, it's all their fault"

Of course I'm being a little facetious, but imo Lu requesting a trade to TO or Tampa makes me feel a lot better about the whole situation as I believe he has shown us his true colours: he doesn't want a cup, he just wants to be with his wife... period


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I disagree, he's always been a competitive person, and I think he cares about winning. Tampa is a good team, the main reason they missed the playoffs was goaltending. If they get Luongo they could be successful. Remember, they came within a goal of making it to the Stanley Cup Final last year.

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Also making assumptions without credible sources

And also discussing family of a player

7. You will respect the personal privacy of players/management(past and present) and their families.

Discussions about players or management that have nothing to do with hockey (including talking about how good looking the players are) are strongly discouraged. You will not post personal and/or private pictures of players/management.

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