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Latest Straightjab (Luon-Gone?)


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The art is wonderful, but Im not going to get too worked up (one way or the other) until its a done deal.

Like roberto says, dont look too far into the future because things can change really quickly.

ill assess my feelings when i actually know what is going on. until then, I'm going on with things as usual.

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Luongo did lay it all out there for this team, and those who are not biased haters with no memory other than what he didnt do, recognize that. But I think its time for this team to go in another direction. Its just not working anymore.

Schnieder is ready to start. He has proven that. Will he stumble, of course he will, everyone does.

What he has shown is an ability to shrug off a bad game (which there are very few) and give his team the best chance to win.

I dont really like the whole:" Can he handle playing 70 games?" argument. He is 25 year old professional athlete, and has played more than 30 games. i think he can manage

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