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Madness! Someone Start A Save Luongo Campaign Before Its Too Late!


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The Fans and Media are killing the Canucks.. MG will have no option but to move Lu.. The fans and media have made it so bad for him here i can not believe he lasted this long.

what happens when Lu is gone, Lack gets traded because he wants to be a starter and Cannata either doesn't pan out or is traded..

and Cory doesn't want to renew his contract in 4 -5 years because the fans are jumping all over him and calling for his head after every lose and playoff exit saying he was the biggest mistake in Canucks history and we should have kept Luongo...

Just say'n

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Luongo wants out and at this point there really isn't a damn thing we can do to stop him.

... and I for one am glad.

As it stands with our defense continuously giving up odd man rushes and allowing other teams to come down on breakaways during a powerplay can you really blame him? And this is in the playoffs mind you when the team is supposed to elevate their game to another level, not completely disappear (aka. Edler). Cory got his first taste of this in OT after Hamhius decided he should try to dangle through everybody and than coughs up the puck and the rest is history.

Its only a matter of time before CS is asking for a trade out of Vancouver.

The only guy who came ready to play come playoff time was Luongo and the team infront of him only let him down. Despite winning the Presidents Trophy the Canucks had a mediocre season and goaltending was the sole reason we finished first.

Cory can play out of his mind next year, maybe we'll win the Presidents Trophy again but make no mistake unless we see some drastic changes in the off season it'll be another early exit for the Nucks.

Lu deserves to play for a city that appreciates him and doesn't throw its best player under the bus.

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