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(Proposal) Van-Tor-Wsh

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Just a quick proposal I came up with:

Vancouver receives: John Carlson + Luke Schenn + 2012 2nd rounder (Wsh)

Toronto receives: Brooks Laich + Manny Malhotra + rights to Alex Semin + Michal Neuvirth

Washington receives: Roberto Luongo + Mathew Lombardi + Tim Connolly + Kevin Bieksa + Joel Colbourne + 2012 2nd rounder (Tor)

Vancouver: Gets two great defensemen

Washington: Gets some forward depth and that all star goalie to help mentor Holtby.

Toronto: Gets the depth on center that they have lacked for a while and spruces up the top six with Semin. As well as they fix their goalie problems with Neuvirth.


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So basically let me get this straight,

Luongo + Bieksa + Malhotra for Carlson, Schenn and a 2nd rounder?

actually that sounds pretty fair, even though I don't like the idea of giving up Bieks. I don't think anyone does this trade though.

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Why would Washington want Lu? They have Nuevirth and Holtby going forward to next season, Holtby has proven he should be in the NHL to stay next year so those two will probably be a good tandem.

I would love to get Carlson, I love the guy, as for Schenn, i'm not sure quite how much interest I have in him, he's got good skills but he just has to put it all together.

I wouldn't be upset if we got him but I would rather have Carlson or someone else.

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Terrible idea.

Burke would hate Semin! Not his style of player.

Washington takes on far too much salary.

Washington will not trade Carlson, I honestly believe they'd be much more willing to part with Green.

With HOltby proving himself, I doubt they want the long term contract of Lou.

The only part of the deal that makes some sense is that Toronto could be interested in Neuvirth if they don't get someone like Lindback, Bernier, Schneider or Luongo.

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