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Well since I heard that the Blackhawks could be a potential trade partner with Canucks involving Luongo, I thought I would put a realistic'ish' offseason together .

To Van: Kane, Kyle Beach

To Chi: Luongo, 1st rounder 2012, Raymond, Keith Ballard

Reason: Pretty fair trade imo. Luongo will not get Kane straight up, as Kane is 22 and Luongo is 33 and even that might not get Kane but lets just say it would , so we had to give them a first rounder aswell as Raymond and Ballard.

Now time to get rid of some Baggage.

To Van: Draft picks

To [instert team]: Malhotra

To Van: Steve Ott, 4th round pick 2012

To Dallas: David Booth, 3rd round pick 2012

Reason: Dallas' top six if weak and doesnt have much scoring, David Booth who is a former 30 goal scorer who would fit right in playing with guys like Rebiero. Also David Booth just doesnt fit in with this team, had no chemistry with Kesler, or anyone for that matter. We also get rid of bad contract.

Now for Free Agency:

Sign Zach Parise 5 years/5mil/yr (probably not as much as other teams would offer but, he gets a chance to win and play with Ryan Kesler and Patrick Kane)

Sign Justin Schultz 2years/1.8/yr (Clearly he has no intrest in playing in Anaheim, the two front runners I think would be the Nucks and T.O. But I think he chooses the Canucks simply because he lives 4 hours away from Vancouver in Kelowna he apparently was also a huge Canucks fan when he was younger. Dont know if thats changed or not)

Send qualifying offers to:

Eddie Lack: 3yrs/900k


Cory Schnieder: 6yrs/5m

Aaron Volpatti: 2yrs/700k

Sami Salo: 1yr/ 1m

MA Gragnani: 1yr/900k

Steve Pinizzotto: 1yr/600k(same contract as this year 275k in minors. Had good pre-season before injury)

Our 2012-2013 Canucks would look like this










Cory Schnieder(5m)

Eddie Lack(900k)

Cap would come out to 62.32m

So this would be an ideal offeseason. Lower cap probably around 3+mil to spend if we need it on a 3rd line center if Schroeder cant step up, but I think he can. The cap is also expected to go up. I know this might be a semi pipe dream but its totally realistic imo. Second line is jizztastic.

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I like the idea of Parise and Schneider making the same money. I'm sure Schneider does too. Pray tell, why would Parise take $5m when he's scored more goals than Schneider's had starts?

Dreadful trades too. No way Chicago do that trade, and nor do Vancouver. Booth has far more value, and our D looks TERRIBLE compared to other contenders.

Back to the drawing board with you mister!

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