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Why Do You All Think Luongo Is Virtually Worthless?!


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I have been reading thread after thread about how Luongo can't even fetch a decent player or prospect "by himself"...Are you nuts? This guy is a gold-medal goalie who played WELL in the first two games, took us all the way to the cup final game 7 last season, and is a total stud since he's been here.

Some of you bark at the contract? He's making 5 mil!!!! Thats not impossible to work into the lineup AT ALL!!! And when he gets older, that will gradually decrease so that the team won't be screwed by it later on.

Gillis is no fool, and yeah Lu has a ten year contract left, but that could be an advantage. Whatever team gets him doesn't have to worry about resigning him ever, and nobody says they have to keep him for the full ten years...And guys, he's no gramps yet= he's only 33 now. "Timmy" Thomas is 38 and just led Boston to the cup last season...

Stop UNDERestimating his trade value. He's still regarded as one of the best goalies EVER and he's not that old. His contract isn't impossible, and he only needs a fresh start somewhere.

I think he could fetch a package like Teddy Purcell, Det 1st round 2012, Tbl 1st round 2012.

The more we (including management) downplays his value like this, the less he REALLY WILL fetch us!

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I think people here are undervaluing him as well.

His contract does make it tougher for Gillis to get a decent return, but in reality, you only need more than one bidder to drive the price up. With so many teams in need of goaltending, I think MG will be able to find a couple of suitors and play them off against each other.

My guess is a roster player (probably with a significant Cap hit) and a pick or prospect.

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People have to start realizing that Raymond has no trade value at this point.

He's an RFA who has to be qualified at 2.55 million. It's entirely possible that the Canucks don't qualify him and let him become a UFA. AT that point, anyone who really wants him can negotiate a contract more in keeping with what he brings to the table.

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