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[Proposal] Next Years Ebbett/tambellini

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- Gillis likes bringing in a 13th forward who can slot in the lineup and not look out of place.

- These guys are usually brought in on a cheap contract

- Had some moderate success at NHL level

Trent Hunter.

- Has averaged 39 points/season in NHL career (same as Raymonds career avg)

- Has had injury issues, but would likely stay healthy as a 13th forward

- Had 72 hits in 38 games last year

- 6'3 210 lbs

- Was waived by LA this year, likely just wants an NHL contract

So I suggest - Bring in Trent Hunter as our 13th forward going into next season. A veteran player who could play in the bottom 6 when needed, and has enough upside that he could see top 6 minutes on occasion (similar to Ebbett and Tambellini)

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ur right MG has picked utility players in the past..... look where that has gotten him.... he sees how the NHL is resorting back to a goon style of hockey and he has to find a balance and follow along. Canucks have lost that edge from 4 seasons ago teams used to think twice about messing with are players, after the Bruins series the NHL learned the only way to beat the canucks is to literary BEAT THE CANUCKS

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I'd rather get Cody McLeod, Brad Winchester, or Micheal Haley. Keeping Byron Bitz would be fine by me as well.

- I doubt Konopka, Prust, Parros, and Jannsen switch teams.

* I'm not really a fan of these type of signings (Ebbett and Tamby are good but I'd rather bring up someone tough as the 13th)

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How is it resorting back to goon style hockey? I haven't seen any indication that its trending towards goons.

I think LA found a different way to beat us?

This team also sucked 4 years ago.

If we have a guy like Bitz or Prust on the 4th line thats fine. They actually have decent game.

No thanks to goons.

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