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I have read all these proposals and fantasy signings but I don't think it will be that huge of an offseason for the Canucks.

Realistically, I see this unfolding:

Luongo gets trade. It will be for a 1st rounder this year OR next season. Regardless, it won't be a high pick rather than a later pick in the first. So if he is traded to Toronto, then it will be a 1st rounder in 2013. Additionally, we will get a prospect coming back. It won't be a blue chip prospect but a decent prospect, somewhere in the range of 3-8 within a team's prospect depth chart.

Also, Mike Gillis stated that he's looking to get bigger and younger so I envision Gillis allowing some of the young players to round out the roster. Jensen and Kassian will have roles on the team next season. Also, Schroeder will be the 3rd line centre. You could almost compare it to how the Flyers are built. Very high skilled players mixed in with young rookies. Jensen and Kassian make them a bigger team. When MG took over, he often spoke of having young players (cheaper contracts) stepping in a playing a role. Next year is the year we see this.

Don't expect a lot of FA signings. I seem them signing a goalie to push Eddie Lack and I also see them signing Justin Schultz, again, getting younger. He will add mobility on the defensive end. Sami Salo will probably be retained, but as a 7th D.

In terms of current roster players, Ballard, Raymond, and Maholtra will all be back. I expect them to sign a a grinder with some offensive skill. Perhaps someone like Chris Kelly.

That will be the offseason. For those calling for a change in the core, or trade Kesler or let Raymond walk...not happening.

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I agree with most of what you say. I do think we will get a top 6 forward or a top 4 dman and a mid to late first rounder for luongo though.

Also, i see the team signing a third line center (i.e. gaustad type), jensen needs another year of development for sure.

Raymond if a decent pick comes back (2nd rounder) i think gillis offloads him.

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The lines will look something like this:











That is what I'm expecting this offseason. The prospect that we get for Luongo won't crack the lineup this year...at least at the beginning.

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