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Canucks-Preemie Baby Clothes?


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Wasn't really sure where to stuff this question.

Last week my wife and I got an early surprise,the birth of our daughter. However,she was 2 months early.

To say the ordeal was and is stressful would be a massive understatement. I am happy to report that she has rebounded well but won't be leaving the hospital anytime soon but if thats what it takes to have a happy,healthy baby back home,we are more than willing to wait it out.

Anyhow,sorry for the story but I've been looking online at the team store and various other sites to find some preemie Canuck baby clothes etc. I did find a jersey but its rated 12-24 months. Does anyone have any suggestions of places to look? Does it even exist? I would try walking into the team store but I'm located 50 kilometers south of Seattle and basically I'm on a very short leash at the moment,hanging out

with the new baby. Any ideas are appreciated.

Thank you


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Thanks, she's doing very well and I expect to have her home tomorrow. She's a fighter and has earned the nicname Bieksa.

Really looking forward to some some trips with the family,its long overdue. We have a camping trip planned on Vancouver Island

and also a trip back to Banff.

Thanks for the info, I'm pretty much looking for anything and everything Canucks but the little jersey was a must,it will be some time

until she can fit in to it but I can wait it out.

Thanks again


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