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(Proposal) Outside Possibility

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I am not here to make a proposal, but am going to take a chance on an outside possibility and see what you guys think.

Luongo has reported that Toronto is on his shortlist, we all know that. People have started to propose getting Lupul. Now I have an idea thats very outside the box and very unlikely, but I want to see if YOU can come up with something that Burke would have interest in.

This idea is for Lupul AND Kessel. At this point, you all think I am over my head and crazy for even trying this, but I am not trying anything, I just want to know if you think there is a way to sway Kessel and Lupul out of Toronto and in to our top-6 that would put the Canucks over the top.

Sedin Sedin Kessel

Booth Kesler Lupul


In all seriousness, I have talked to one poster on here about this, I will keep it anonymous at this point.

They said that "Kessel/Lupul are to Toronto what Henrik and Daniel are to Vancouver." I understand that competely.

Toronto at some point has to get an elite goalie rather than relying on 2 or 3 that go on good runs and can't sustain them.

This person also said, "Anything short of a package based around 1 of the Sedins or Kesler AND Luongo you likely wont see them moved." I also agree, to a certain point, meaning I'm sure that there could be another way around trading a Sedin or Kesler.

NOW, my question is:

On top of the LUONGO, what do YOU think it would take to get BOTH Lupul & Kessel??

I will post my proposal in a while.

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The goal of the Maple Leafs is to make the playoffs.

They aren't going to move the majority of their offense for a goalie. Maybe if the Canucks offered the Sedins & Luongo for Kessel, Lupul and a 1st they'd think about it. A trade that big would probably never happen though.

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In the off-season I proposed a fair offer for Lupul and nearly everyone said no because they valued Raymond more than Lupul. :picard: LOL

A few draft picks and prospects were involved from both sides. Really good deal according to people on here but like I said, Raymond over Lupul.

I would have posted it but I think it's been deleted as it is 9 or 10 months old.

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