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Best Website To Get Airline Tickets From?


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You'll get basically the same price options no matter where you go, but I usually use Expedia. Other sites may apear to have lower prices, but they don't show you the total with all taxes and fees included, whereas Expedia does. In the end, you'll spend about the same wherever you go, since every site has access to the same flights.

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Watch for the WestJet seat sales, I took my wife and daughter to Hawaii and it was super cheap.

For the 3 of us:

Originally out of YVR = $3600 return

From Seattle = $2500 return

WestJet seat sale = $2400 total (This was out of YVR and includes the $$ i spent for Hawaiin airlines from honalulu to maui).

If you can, book 1 way flights and try to fly mid week. Weekend fairs and round trip are WAY more expensive, as they get you on the way back in cost.

Basically I got 3 extra flights, got to fly out of YVR and got to book my ideal dates and times by:

* Booking 1 way only and picking the dates (for example booking 1 way back on Saturday was $400 more per person that Thursday)

* Bought during the seat sale

Additionally, since we were going from Vancouver -> Honolulu -> Maui -> Vancouver it was MUCH easier to book 1 way flights based on the schedule adn times that I wanted.

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The best deals I've ever recieved have been directly on the airline websites. Kayak is also great because it searches multiple sources for you. The cheapest price I got on the last couple flights I've taken I booked on flight network.

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