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Harper Government Wins Code Of Silence Award

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Harper government wins Code of Silence Award

QMI Agency

First posted: Saturday, April 28, 2012 06:15 AM EDT | Updated: Sunday, April 29, 2012 01:31 PM EDT

The Stephen Harper government was presented with a "Code of Silence Award recognizing Canada's most secretive government or publicly funded agency" by the Canadian Association of Journalists Saturday night.

The CAJ is Canada's largest national professional organization for journalists from all media, representing about 600 members across the country.

"This was the overwhelming choice - while we received a few other worthy nominations, no single one outnumbered the Harper government in volume or depth," CAJ president Hugo Rodrigues said when presenting the award at its Toronto convention. "The death grip on information has long frustrated journalists in this country, but it may now be reaching a point where the public at large is not only empathetic, but shares it."

The CAJ says Harper's government departments now deal with media almost exclusively by email, 'often returning with unhelpful or useless responses containing little to none of the information actually requested," Rodrigues said in a statement.

The organization claims that "the lockdown on information is so extensive its reach goes well beyond Parliament Hill and official Ottawa and affects any journalist asking questions about public information in every region of this country."

Two QMI Agency journalists won an investigative journalism award at Saturday's event.

Andrew McIntosh and Kinia Adamczyk took home the prize in the computer-assisted reporting category for their French-language report "On mange bien a Terrebonne."

The two-part report revealed the voracious appetites and expensive tastes of 14 managers for the Quebec city of Terrebonne who dined nearly 1,900 times over three years on the taxpayer's dime.


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viva la revolution!! that's the only way those lying stealing b***ards are gonna change.

my MLA, Marc Dalton, surprised me by responding within a day of my email to him re: smart meters.

not that he helped me much, just said if Hydro doesn't respond, to email him again.

good post. thank Situation

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