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[Proposal] Van - Tor

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Simple deal. Honestly I don't think Luongo has a ton of value due to the contract, but he's still a top tier goalie. And really, Toronto has some of the worst goaltending in the league. They need a starter. If they had even average goaltending this year, they would have been a playoff team.

We get a solid 2nd/3rd line player who can replace (hopefully) Raymond's roster spot. Kulemin is bigger, physical and can chip in offense. He had a down year, but the season before he was a 30/30 guy almost. But because of his weak season this year, we should be able to nab him at the qualifying offer.

Colborne is a decent prospect. He's big and skilled but inconsistent. He could possibly be our 3rd line center or at least add to our weak prospect pool.

The pick gives us some more flexibility in the future.

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