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Ballard Anybody?


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What did you guys think of his post-season performance? I thought he looked absolute fantasic and did exactly what we thought he could do, all while getting 3rd pairing minutes. He was energetic, smart, and played with speed and power. Would you trade him in the offseason or try him out for the first 15 games or so with top 4 minutes? All opinoins are welcome:P

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If we trade with Tampa Bay, you can almost rest assured that Ballard is going with Luongo as part of the deal.

They are desperate for D-men, and he has shown that even though he is a very good player... he just isn't fitting into the niche we need here. I suspect that his spot will be ripe for the "bigger, stronger" element that Gillis is looking for. With Tanev and Gragnani almost certainly spending the year up with the big club, his skills are a bit superfluous.

Expect to see a meaner customer signed on defence in his stead.

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