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Phoenix Coyotes Sale May Be Finalized Next Week


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A sale of the Phoenix Coyotes hockey club to an ownership group led by former San Jose Sharks CEO Greg Jamison could be approved by the National Hockey Leagueand city of Glendale as early as May 8. That would keep the Coyotesin Arizona and allow the team to rollover its on-ice success in this year's Stanley Cup Playoffs into ticket sales and business sponsorships for next season.

Jamison has brought together the investment money necessary to purchase the Coyotes from the NHL and keep the team in Glendale, sources familiar with thesale of the franchise said. Previous Attempts to buy the team have struggled to secure financing and monetary commitments for a franchise that loses $25 million each season.

If Jamison has his investment ducks in a row, it could result in the NHL officially announcing sometime next week that theCoyotes are off the market with terms of sale being finalized with Jamison, who still is a minority owner of the Sharks.

The NHL has owned the team since buying them out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2009 for $140 million.

The Glendale City Council could vote on an arena lease deal and financial payments to Jamison’s group as early as its May 8 meeting, according to officials familiar with the matter. The city, however, has nothing on its council agenda yet, according to Glendale spokeswoman Juile Frisoni.

The city likely won't announce the details of a Coyotes plan and public vote until Friday if a vote is slated for May 8.

The city, NHL and Jamison are working out the Glendale portion of the deal that previously has tripped up other bids for the Coyotes. Glendale City Council members will be briefed again on the Coyotes situation early next week

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When my gf and I went to Phoenix last November we went to the 5-0 game. There were a couple sitting beside us and the guy sat the entire and never stood or yelled once, a quiet clap sufficed for him. His gf sat and read a book the entire game without even glancing up once.

We payed 22 dollar each for tickets, The things I would do if I could watch the Canucks for 22 dollars a game, I'd almost be too much of a fan.

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Sale is imminent in two weeks.

That's what we have heard for the past 2+ years.

I'll believe it when they sign a cheque. Besides how long will the team last when Glendale goes bankrupt and can't subsidize the team?!?

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It's in Glendale, not Scottsdale.

Everything else is TRUE

The Coyotes used to do well attendance wise until they moved to this horribly located arena.

Pretend Rogers arena is in Abbotsford, and you'll start to understand what happened to the Coyotes.

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I heard from someone that Scotsdale(where the Yotes play) is in the middle of no where. It's far from everything and people rarely would make the trips when they can go to the Cardinals, Suns, D-Backs, and college games.

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