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More Rookies On Next Years Team?

shawn antoski


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AV likes players who establish themselves in working mans roles;

Its how Burrows, Hansen & Kesler (Burrows & Hansen were never expected to make the team) broke in.

Its not that AV will not play, or give a rookie a chance. He just wont hand gift you Henrik's Sedin's spot. My observation is after the plum jobs are taken (1st line & PP), the balance is filled out by whomever is working the hardest as that is what is required for checking line roles. See Hodgson, Cody...

If Jensen will get more goals than Burrows, and win the puck for the Sedin's, he will be on the first line. If not, he will be in Chicago.

Until we completely turn the page into a developing team again, thats the way it should be.

Jensen doesn't work that way. He is still 19, which means he can't play for Chicago during the regular season (OHL age restrictions). It's either he stays with the Canucks or he goes back to Oshawa. Vancouver cannot just call him up whenever they want to, at least for next season.

This is the big one. Jensen won't get any icetime under AV.

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When you are able to get top prospects you give them a chance, cause when you finish in the tops all the time like Detriot you get 22nd or lower pick. So get the top picks in while you can cause the better you finish the more likely you'll need to let you picks develope in the AHL.

In other words their two top prospects with scoring ability are Kassian and Schroeder.

Schroeder has done his time in the AHL and it needs to be determined if he's what was projected. Schroeder should be ready and Kassian may need a full year of conditioning in the AHl due to limited ice and lack of conditioning but they are the two with potential and Schroeder should get a shot. He is a projected pure goal scorer and playmaker. Exactly what they've been missing but with AV as coach he won't get much of a shot. Not unlike how he demoted Hodgson to the fourth line after wining rookie of the month. :picard:

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I wouldn't mind a fourth line of Sweatt Malhotra Kassian. It is a little bit like the Letowski Chubarov Cooke line we had back in the day except Malhotra is a vet.

speedster - defensive specialist - hitter. Since our fourth line starts in the defensive zone a lot Sweatt and Malhotra are important pieces. Kassian adds the grit element.

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We might have more youth next year, but they'll all be benched lol.

AV will continue to play his favourites (Malhotra,Raymond,Rome).

Youth movement, players who can impact a game under ELCs is the way to go in the cap world.

No space for a 2.5m faceoff specialist, no 2.5m to a figure skater.

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Schroeder should get some call-ups next year but I think Lapierre will be the third line center. Maybe Schroeder will get some time on the wing too, but I suspect that he will really have to establish himself offensively in the AHL before he gets a chance in Vancouver. If he makes as big an improvement in camp this year as he did last, however, he could stick.

Jensen gets 7-8 games at the beginning of the season and then goes back to junior. I'd love to see him make the team next fall, but it's not going to happen.

Connauton is a definite possibility but it all depends what we get by way of free agent signings and trades. He's nasty, has a big shot and can QB a powerplay: all things we need.

Lack is the best bet of the lot to make the team next year.

I hope we manage to integrate two rookies next year but it will take a slightly different approach to do it. We have a lot of depth but not quite enough star power. If we can get a legitimate top six forward and top two defenseman at the expense of some of our good depth slightly below that level, then there will be a place for a couple of rookies in our lineup. Right now that room isn't there, but it's pretty clear that there are going to be some trades.

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Poor guy, nobody answered your question.

Jensen signed a 3-year contract with the Canucks last fall. Your conception of NHL/AHL contracts are mistaken. If he signs an AHL contract, he'd belong to that team and have nothing to do with us. If you're thinking about someone who's a Canuck prospect in Chicago, or someone like Mark Mancari, all of those guys are signed with us, NHL contracts. Check their roster on wikipedia and you'll see what I mean.

To play in the NHL, you just have to be 18. To play in the AHL, you also just have to be 18. The thing is, Jensen may or may not be ready. He'll probably play the first week or two. At that point, the Canucks MUST decide (I believe it's after the 7th or 9th game) whether or not to keep him here or send him back down to Ontario. Whatever decision they make will be permanent, so he's either stuck here or with Oshawa.

The reason he can't go to the AHL is because Jensen is from a Canadian league. Canadian leagues have an agreement that prevents their guys from going to the AHL until they are 20 years old at the start of the season (Jensen will still be 19 next September so he can't go).

So to answer your question, we HAVE signed him already. And because he is from a Canadian hockey league, he is not old enough to play in the AHL (but he is old enough to play here). And because of that, he can play a maximum of 7 or 9 games (I don't remember which, but it's a specific number) before the team decides to keep him in Vancouver for the entire year, or send him back down to Oshawa.

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I've watched many of the Chicago games on ESPN America and I would say.

Schroeder, if he has a good preseason should be given a chance next year. He is on the small side but is tough and able to take knocks. He has an eye for the goal and is defensively sound.

Sweatt needs another season as he was prone to drifting out of games. He is quick and although not small could use a pre season of building up muscle to help his game. Has a good understanding with Schroeder who was his centre most of the time.

Jensen, I think could be one of these players who plays better at a higher level with better players. If he has a good pre season I would keep him up. He began to settle in with the Wolves just before his concussion. Again more muscle would help.

A word here for Reinprecht. He started slow but by the end of the regular season and the playoffs he looked worth a shot in Vancouver. I know he's not a rookie but if the rookies aren't ready then...........

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