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The Hockey News' 'all Ufa Team' And The Canucks

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So in the most recent edition of The Hockey News, the one with Sidney Crosby on the cover, ok I guess thats not a very good description, but still. THN released its all UFA 1st and 2nd teams, heres how they looked:

THN All UFA 1st Team:

LW: Zach Parise: Current Salary: 6,000,000

C: Olli Jokinen: 3,000,000

RW: Alexander Semin: 6,700,000

D: Ryan Suter: 3,500,000

D: Denis Wideman: 3,900,000

G: Tomas Vokoun: 1,500,000

THN All UFA 2nd Team:

LW: Ray Whitney: 3,000,000

C: Paul Gaustad: 2,300,000

RW: Jaromir Jagr: 3,300,000

D: Brad Stuart: 3,800,000

D: Barret Jackman: 3,600,000

G: Josh Harding: 750,000'

So of these guys who do you think could most likely be in a Canucks Jersey... Of course we all dream of Parise and Suter but are those really viable options?

For me, of all these guys I say realistically I'd Love to have Wideman, and Whitney... I think we could get Whitney quite cheaply, and he's is a much needed veteran presence who could be that 2nd line playmaker? Wideman is a great Dman with offensive upside that could make a great partner for Edler.

What do you guys think?

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Theres going to be a bidding war of Sundinian proportions for Parise, and I don't think the the Nucks are going to be willing to spend in excess of 7 million for the guy... I just think its not realistic, If it happens i'll be amped, but the bottom line is that it won't.

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I think that the best signing that we could do is Suter. If we re-sign Salo then our D would be stacked





I do think though that if we do sign Suter that Salo probably wouldn't get a good enough offer to stay.

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I know the Canucks have 17 players signed beyond next season, which should give us just

over $9 million in cap space. I would like to see Gillis trade for an actual #1 defenceman.

*cough Weber cough* and build within the organization. I dont know if that will happen

though, would be nice.

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I'd rather go after one or two than try and make a play at a bunch of them. Obviously Gillis would have to keep his options open, but making a concerted effort to pull in a top UFA you feel you can afford should be a focus.

Having said that, we also know Gillis isn't going to overpay for someone who hasn't earned it yet. I would have loved to see us get Fleischmann last summer, but not for the $4.5M he got paid in Florida. He'll make the deals that fit in the structure of this team with the goal of winning in the playoffs.

I don't see Suter coming, but a push for Parise could happen. It'd have to be an attractive deal from more than just a $$$ perspective, and if it doesn't pan out, then perhaps an affordable deal for Whitney or else give our young players more of a shot.

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In my opinion I say none though it would be nice to have them, I just see this summer being quit aside from the goalie crisis. Gillis will most likely sign players who we never thought of and might trade some dead weight contracts for more dead weight. One player I wouldn't mind having is Denis Wideman he just seems like he can fit in any where and do his job effectively

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Probably time to realize that the cap is meaningless. Go ahead. Sign everybody. Anybody that doesn't work out can simply be demoted to the minors (Redden), forgotten about entirely (Avery), injured and bought out (Drury), retired (Pronger) or shipped off to Europe (Huet).

Why in the frack should this team be bound by the restriction that those other teams are apparently not bound by?

F the cap. It doesn't exist. Sign EVERYBODY! Cheers.


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