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[Proposal/discussion] Get Radulov

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After everything the Preds and Alex have been through, today Radulov has officially been benched for the next Preds game.

The RFA would provide a heap of skill to the Canucks top-6, he may not be the prototypical playmaker most are penning in to play with Kesler & Booth, but he has 98 assists in his last 104 KHL games. In his last KHL playoffs, he had 15 assists in 21 games. So far this year, he has 5 assists in 7 NHL playoff games.

Kesler & Booth need a skilled linemate, the 2nd PP unit needs somebody to run it. Radulov could join the Sedins on the 1st unit and Kesler could run his own or vice-versa.

He's not small either, at 6'1/200 pounds, he's not easily pushed around. His hockey IQ is through the roof.

Booth - Kesler - Radulov would be a dominant 2nd line.


To Nashville: Mason Raymond's rights + Yann Sauve + a 2nd rounder in the 2012 draft

To Vancouver: Alex Radulov's rights

On top of that, Radulov is good friends with Shea Weber who GMMG is already rumoured to be targeting.

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Alex is going to go back the the KHL at the end of the playoffs, play another year there, and come back the the NHL in 2013-14 as a fully unrestricted free agent.

He's only playing out this small portion to finish off his contract, which would have blocked his UFA status. Nashville is allowing him to do it, because they are going for it this year (no way can they keep this team under the cap after this).

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