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Why Aren't The Devils In For Luongo?


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Luongo is only 33. Most good goalies play til they are 40.

Let's not let this media hype about Luongo choking take us overboard.

We all know he'll be playing and playing well late into his 30's

His cap hit is also manageable. In the short term he is paid just over 6 Million but after a few years he's only paid 3Mill and then 1. so Devils can afford that.

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No matter what people say about "The Luongo List", it's all just speculation. Brodeur is 40 years old and may retire at the end of the playoffs. Hedberg is NOT a number 1 goalie.

Devil's have lots of young prospects and such, so I say why not the Devils?

They're in the second round currently, have some top end talent, and would only get better with Lu. As a throw in maybe we could get the rights to talk to Parise,


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we don't know for certain if he has even submitted a list or if he has requested a trade. All of this is speculation at the moment...remember that.

If this speculation is true however, every team will consider it. I mean every team considers every player, but only a few act upon their considerations. Not to mention that if a trade is to happen it cannot and will not be until the playoffs are over. Likely to be at the draft at the earliest. Teams are either taking a breather - a step back and looking what improvements are needed during the off-season, and the others are a little busy playing and fighting for the Stanley Cup.

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