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Pilot In Hang Glider Accident Swallowed Evidence


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This could all be avoided if safety lines were attached from the frame to both the pilot and the passenger, as well as a third one between the pilot and the passenger.

People think its funny the way I lock things or bring my wallet everywhere, but for peace of mind security and safety are number one.

My guess is the pilot was stoned and therefore forgetful, and bad decision making confusion, so swallows the card.

Lets face it, it was Califonia stoners, that started this sport, and though the gliders have come a long way, simple safety lines will prevent this from happening again.

I took a hangliding course in the 80's, and absolutely loved it, but discontinued with the teacher, as one of his students plummeted 2000 ft to his death, when the glider he built himself folded up, as he failed to use stainless steel pop rivets, instead he used alluminum ones.

So sad to see this happen, but when any moron can start a business, and does'nt think about all possible safety problems, it's bound to happen.

Just again goes to show you business licences are nothing but a tax grab.

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^Not sure what you're smoking. Business licences are the domain of the municipality. You can't expect them to determine standards for every single business out there. The province would need to set regulations overseeing the industry. Obviously some sort of backup cable system is needed here.

Was the video a requirement or was the pilot just recording the flight on his own?

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The Pilot wasn't stoned, My Dad has been hang gliding for almost 40 years and was good friends with him. The community is a really close one and it's a huge tragedy.

The really harsh thing about this was the fact that the pilot and victim were hanging onto each other for a couple of minutes before she eventually fell. I heard stories of how he had tried to wrap his legs around her at the last minute and she might have taken his shoes with her when she fell.

The video was a part of the experience - when you pay for a tandem he records the whole flight so you can take it home with you. The pilot was obviously completely mentally frak'd up when he landed (who wouldn't be after this?) and panicked and swallowed the memory card. Sadly that moment of stupidity is probably going to cost him more then forgetting to do a hang check before you take off.

The sport for the most part is very safe - there are very few casualties. Thoughts go out to everyone affected.

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A few questions not mentioned in the media.

1. How did they know he swallowed the memory card? Did someone see him do it?

2. Did they get the card from him. I assumed he was in custody for some potty duty.

3. If it was an accident, why would he swallow the card? Is he trying to hide something?

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