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[Proposals] Underrated's Offseason (Targeting Mike Green)

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Luongo, 1st rounder (22nd overall?) to Tampa Bay for Purcell/Connolly, tenth overall

Why: This trade has been talked about a lot on these boards so I don't need to expand. There is also a debate on whether we would rather Connolly or Purcell. They bring different things. This deal helps both teams.

Tenth overall pick, Booth, Raymonds rights for Mike Green

Why: Mike Green is the guy we need this offseason! A right handed shot defenseman who has potential to be the best offensive defenseman in the game when put in the right situation. His offensive numbers slipped under Hunter and he can struggle with injuries. However he's only 26 and would be perfect to be paired with Edler.

Booth is a good player but I honestly think this season proved that he is not the right pairing for Kesler. They are too similar to one another and as a result can't set each other up but both take the shots. With Semin leaving Washington (most likely), Booth becomes his replacement. The tenth overall pick allows Washington to pick up a good young defenseman for the future. They already have lots of defenseman now (Alzner, Carlson, Orlov, Hamrlik, Wideman (re-signed), Poti, Schultz, Erskine). Raymond is simply a roster spot for them, if they are not interested then a draft pick could replace him.

Manny Malhotra to New York Islanders for 2nd or 3rd round pick

Why: The Islanders were 26th in faceoff percentage and 23rd in penalty killing. Manny helps significantly in both those areas while also bringing veteran leadership to the locker room. The Islanders have lots of cap space and this trade helps them in three important areas: Leadership, Face Offs, Penalty Killing.


I would love to say sign Zack Parise but obviously the odds are against us. Chance are he'll stay in New Jersey and if he doesn't then there are 29 other competing teams.

If I were Gillis I would make a strong push for Parise and if it does not work then make a secondary strong push for Ray Whitney.

Parise would be 5 years at 6.5 million a year OR Whitney two years at 3.5 million a year.

Sign Jarret Stoll for three eyars @ 2.5 million a year

Let Kassian develop for another year in the minors (remember he was drafted a year after Hodgson and also power forwards often progress less quickly)


Sedin - Sedin - Burrows

Parise/Whitney - Kesler - Purcell/Connolly

Higgins - Stoll - Hansen

Volpatti - Lapierre - Weise

Edler - Green

Bieksa - Hamhuis

Tanev - Ballard

extras: Alberts, Gragnani (who I think will be much better with offseason understanding of Canucks, similar to how Alberts improved a lot after struggling when traded at the deadline but finding a home the next season)


Lack or veteran backup

If not enough cap space then dump Ballard and put Gragnani in the starting lineup. However there should be enough with Lou, Salo, Manny, Raymond, Booth all coming off the books.

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People in this city speak of players being invisible in the playoffs yet your calling for Mike Green. I have seen every series the caps have played in and Green is extremely soft in the defensive zone. Once the other teams begin to finsh their checks on him he disappears.

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WSH has Alzner and Carlson pairing that's going to be their #1 D pairing for a long time to come. They may be the next Weber-Suter. I can see Washington letting go of Green for the right price. Not sure if he'll be the right fit for Nucks though. AV preaches defence...which Green is not really noted for.

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I don't want Mike Green. He's not the type of defenseman we need. We already have enough offense from the back end. What we need is a good shutdown/two-way guy so we have depth going into the playoffs say if someone like Hamhuis got injured our defense will fall to shreds.

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