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Woman Busted At Calgary Airport With $4M-Worth Of Heroin

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Woman busted at Calgary airport with $4M-worth of heroin:

Border guards at the Calgary International Airport seized four kilograms of suspected heroin allegedly concealed within a woman’s luggage.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) said on April 27, 2012 a woman from Calgary was returning home and was referred for further examination during her first interview with a border officer who examined her declaration form and listened to her story.

“We are open to hearing inconsistencies and anomolies and things that just don’t make sense,” CBSA chief of operations Candace Lyle.

“We watch body language and cues from the travelers themselves. The officer at primary (interview) obviously felt that we needed to have a secondary examination done in this case.”

The woman’s luggage was then x-rayed and was allegedly found to contain a false bottom that held two bags of white powder that is believed to be heroin.

The traveller was turned over to the RCMP and the Calgary Police Service drug section.

“This is not something we see that often at these levels,” said RCMP spokeswoman Sgt. Patricia Neely.

“A four kilo seizure of heroin is noteworthy for sure,” she said.

Law enforcement offered widely varying estimates on the value of the drug.

The CBSA said the four kilograms of seized drugs are worth $4 million on the street, but the RCMP estimates its value at $640,000.

“I’m not sure where CBSA is getting their amounts from. I would say a kilogram of heroin costs roughly $160,000 in a raw amount like that,” said Sgt. Neely.

“Keep in mind it’s cut so x-number of heroin turns out to be x-number of kilos of whatever is being sold on the street after they cut it with other ingredients.”

Lyle said the $1 million per kilogram was “based on intel we received from our police partners and that’s how we arrived at that information. They provide it to us. It’s an estimated street value.”

Of seven busts made in Alberta that the CBSA considers “major” busts so far this year, five have been at the Calgary International Airport. Two were khat seizures and one each of opium, steroids and now heroin, said Lyle.

In March, border guards at Coutts seized six kilograms of cocaine.

Amardeep Kaur Khera has been charged in this latest case with two counts importation and possession for the purpose of trafficking heroin.

A bail hearing is scheduled for today.


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