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We Can Get Jordan Staal This Summer As Our #2 Center, This Is How...

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Jordan Staal has once again shown his displeasure with his lack of icetime and being stuck as the #3 center in Pittsburgh for the forseeable future. His becomes a UFA next summer, Pitts management knows they will have a tough time re-signing him, and may look to move him this summer.

Ryan Kesler, whether we love him or hate him, is a pure shooter. He is not a playmaking, puck distributing centreman. He experienced his most success when playing wing with Sundin and Demitra. If the coaching staff wants to keep Booth as a 2nd line winger as well they need a big, strong playmaking centre.

Staal's cap hit is 4.5 million. If we trade Luongo and re-sign Schneider for around 3.5, that free's up 2 million. If we bury Malhotra in the minors, that free's up another 2.5.

We have the room to make this happen, the only question is, who will we send the other way? As we all know, Pittsburgh is always in need of skilled wingers to play with Crosby and Malkin. We could send them Raymond and a 2nd round pick for Jordan Staal straight up. I believe Jensen is ready to step into the NHL and atleast match Raymond's point totals from last year.

Here is a proposed forward line-up after the trade:






Proposed Power play units:

#1: Kesler-Sedin-Sedin

#2: Burrows/Higgins-Staal-Booth

Imagine how tough it would be for opposing lines to match up to Kesler-Staal-Booth.

What do you guys think?

EDIT: Everyone in this thread is on my ass for the trade proposal. Get over it. I'm talking about the "idea" of getting Staal to play 2nd line C. What does Canuck nation think? We could throw in Ballard to sweeten the deal. Raymond + Ballard + 2nd round pick for Staal is more than enough for Pitts management let go of an asset they know they will definitely lose in 1 year's time. Only untouchable in my mind right now is Jensen. Send them Schroeder if it makes the deal happen.

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