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The Canucks Should Honor Pat Quinn

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Here`s an article i found from a few months ago that is one of many reasons I believe the canucks should have a ceremony for Pat and show some appreciation! He changed the landscape of our team in the early 90s and is responsible for bringing the most skilled canuck too Vancouver in Pavel Bure amoung others.

Continuing our series on Vancouver management which has reached it's highest point in franchise history now with the Mike Gillis led trio which includes Laurence Gilman and Lorne Henning, we get into the Pat Quinn era.

Quinn is idolized in Vancouver for his strong teams in the early '90s and the '94 run to the Cup final but his time here started in a bizarre and some would definitely say less than savory way. Jack Gordon was the GM here in '86 and the team was stumbling along. Acting owner Arthur Griffiths approached Quinn's agent Richard Babush of Atlanta while the Big Irishman was coaching the Los Angeles Kings in the fall of that 86-87 season. The Kings had missed a deadline in re-signing Quinn as coach and as such, Quinn insisted that gave him leeway to negotiate with other teams. It was concluding an agreement with another NHL team mid-season (the Canucks) which angered league president John Ziegler who originally "expelled" Quinn from the league when his secret deal to coach and manage the Canucks became public in January of '87, the story broken by Tom Larscheid. The expulsion was fought and later expunged from the records and now goes as a suspension, but the story was perhaps the biggest in the history of the franchise.

The Kings were livid, the Canucks delighted to get their man and the league was embarrassed to have this sort of thing going on, although in fairness to the Canucks and Quinn, it happens all the time in Europe even now.

The story had all kinds of delicious details and like every big story of the day, was tagged with a gate on the back and nicknamed "Quinngate." On Jan. 4, 1987 with the Kings in town to play the Canucks at the Coliseum, a Vancouver trainer brought Quinn a cheque for $100,000 at the morning skate, the payment being his signing bonus for having done the deal with the Canucks to become coach and GM starting June 1 of that year. Taking a big cheque from the team you were coaching against that night didn't sit well with the Kings or the league when they found out on Jan. 9 and Quinn was immediately relieved of his duties in L.A. He was allowed by Ziegler to take up the Canuck management job in June of '87 but he was not allowed to coach for couple of seasons.

Reactions to the affair depended largely upon where you were living. Quinn's name was mud in L.A. but Vancouver fans saw it as a triumph for Griffiths and the Canucks who finally had their man to manage the team after so many big names had turned down the search for the "hockey czar" owner Frank Giffiths Sr. was seeking.

Quinn quickly set about making some very clever changes when he started, with the acquisition of Kirk McLean and Greg Adams from New Jersey in a trade for Patrick Sundstrom and the drafting of Trevor Linden being the biggest early on. But the move which really got the franchise going was the drafting of Pavel Bure in the sixth round in '89, when no other teams believed him to be eligible for that draft. When Vancouver made the selection, other teams stormed the stage claiming he was ineligible and the pick was disallowed. Vancouver appealed and purported to produce new information which they claimed made Bure eligible and the ultimate decision on allowing Vancouver to have the pick was not made until just before the '90 draft here in Vancouver, almost a full year later.

And while the standard storybook explanation is that Vancouver's chief scout Mike Penny found out that Bure had played some extra games in Russia which made him eligible for the draft, there is another explanation which if true is related to Quinn's messy departure from L.A.

Quinn had sued Ziegler and the league for the actions they had taken in investigating his dealings and suspending him, and having been through law school, he was keen to take it to court. Many GMs of the day believed that all the "extra games" Bure was supposed to have played was not sufficient to let Vancouver have the pick and that Ziegler let the drafting of Bure stand because of a private deal he had with the Canucks. They allege Quinn agreed to drop his suit against the league in exchange for Ziegler letting the draft pick stand. If that's true, Quinn clearly took one for the team.

Many owners were enraged with what they felt was this move of convenience on the part of Ziegler and many immediately started lobbying for the president's departure, feeling the league shouldn't do business this way. And a couple of years later he was replaced and his position renamed commissioner. The man filling that post was Gary Bettman.

Read more: http://www.theprovince.com/sports/Gallagher+Acquiring+Quinn+changed+Canucks/6172423/story.html#ixzz1tqirKcaf

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quinn remains the best of all times in hockey operations for the canucks organization in my opinion and while we are at it, it is time to drop the hate-mongering on pavel bure and retire his number 10 jersey, he without a doubt and not even close is the most exciting canuck of all time!

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Pat Quinn is awesome. He did it all President, General Manager, and Coach. The best we've ever had.

He was also one of our original D-men.

His teams were exciting and highly skilled, but the league tricked him, by claiming they would get rid of hooking, which they never did.

He traded Stojanov for Naslund, and pulled off a steal of a trade with St.Louis bringing in Courtnall, Ronning, Dirk and Mommeso, for Butcher and Dan quinn. He also swapped Patrick Sundstrom for Kirk Mclean, and Greg Adams.

A great man, a great coach, and a great GM. We should honour him, by re-hiring him as Coach, and General Manager again.

I heard him on the radio the other day, and he still refers to the Canucks as 'we", and "us"

Come on Aquallinis, please bring back Pat Quinn !

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