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(Discussion) Jaromír Jágr

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So since crazy ideas are the norm here. I thought this couldn't hurt.

What do you guys think about Jagr signing here in Vancouver for a year? Right now he is signed with Philly for the year for $3.3 million. He has played 73 games this season plus the playoffs, has 19 goal and 35 assists. Wouldn't he look good with the Sedins, plus his veteran presents could benefit the whole team. He is still hard to push off the puck down low, playing well into the Canucks cycle game.

Downsides are his age of course and if he is even coming back for another season. What are your guys thoughts on a signing like this? Would you rather put that money else where? Seems like a long shot but a cool thought.

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He did state in an interview on NHL.com that he will come back for another season barring any injuries or setbacks in the offseason. I'd like to see him either here in Vancouver or in Detroit for a year!

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