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Zack Kassian

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Let me guess, you were one of the same "experts" calling Hodgson a bust only a season ago.

People who don't understand how development of young players works should really just keep quiet. You just make yourself sound dumb.

21 years old is very young to be making an impact in the NHL. People already forget how Cody was a deer lost in the headlights last season, and then this season he was in the calder race. Kassian needs the same amount of time Cody got. This will be the biggest sumer of his career, and he knows it.

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The reason I don't buy this argument is that Dale Weise adjusted fairly quickly to our system and was able to be a staple on the 4th line for most of the season.

As a 4th line player it's not Weise's job to score goals but he was able to contribute offensively from time to time with very limited ice time and when he wasn't chipping in offensively he was a strong physical presence. Kassian however, was like a fish out of water. His hits were minimal, he had trouble keeping up with the other players on the ice, and didn't look like he knew where he should be at any given time while on the ice.

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