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Victor Hedman

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I know there's been a lot of talk about Hedman being traded for Loungo. It seems a bit unrealistic, he's been playing a lot in Tampa, well over 20 minutes per game. But I havn't seen him live too much as he plays for a east coast team. I wasn't really "starstruck" by his play in his native team, MODO. I have, therefore, not considered him an elite player.

But tonight! Wow! What a game he had for team Sweden! He was so solid, and an offensive threat aswell! I would love to see him play with Edler! So yeah; since MG cares so much about what I think: please get him to Vancouver!

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Umm what the hell are you talking about? When has Hedman shown any inclination to join the Wings? More importantly it would not be his decision if Tampa decides to deal him.

To the OP: Hedman will likely never be dealt, he is already Tampa's best defenseman and they have little apart from him. Not to mention it is stupid to deal a defenseman as young and with as many tools as he possesses.

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