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I was watching kesler during the year and that got me wondering.i know he got hurt but it seems he has had lack of motivation.unless he proves me wrong I gotta think he has no gas left in the tank cause he starting to get old.

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I think he was struggling because of his line-mates. Through out the year he didn't find right line partner. One with booth and raymond. Raymond was disaster and i thought he was the one to traded at the deadline and as for booth he is streaky and not the line mates for kesler. Both loves to shoot and not giving puck to linemates. Higgins was one option that gave him little boost but then again AV didn't like the idea of putting higgins in 2nd line.

Plus Kesler had a surgery and i know from personal experience that it takes a while to get going. he is not a machine, I think next year we will see our same kesler with 40+ goal .

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