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[Discussion/proposal] Maxim Afinogenov

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Maxim is 32 years old now and has been playing in the KHL for the last 2 seasons putting up so-so numbers.

This guy has shown great offensive talent at the NHL level and has put up solid numbers.

His last season in the NHL he put up 61 points earning only 800K

My question is should we take a chance on him? He would be a low risk high reward player

Some may say that he is in decline based on his stats in the KHL but I don't think his price will be too hefty and he can be out 13th forward perhaps.

If Gillis doesn't add another forward to play with Kesler or if the staff don't see Kassian playing on the 2nd line maybe we can see Afinogenov playing there

2nd line: Booth-Kesler-Afinogenov/Kassian/Hansen

3rd line: Higgins-Lapierre-Hansen/Afinogenov/Kassian

I would take him on a 1 year deal worth between 800-900K. If he busts put him on waivers and he'll probably want to go back to Europe.

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If he was worth it for teams, he would have been signed by someone for more money after his one year, $800K contract in 2009/10. If you're thinking of offering him roughly the same amount, there's no way you'll get him back here for that.

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Maxim's issue was his talent it was his work ethic on the ice. He was seen as a gutless and occasionally lazy player. He was always seen as a player with tremendous potential but never worked hard enough to be a consistent player. As a Sabre Max found himself repeatedly benched and scratched from the line up and towards the end of his Sabre career wasn't even on speaking terms with Lindy Ruff about what was going on with his ice time and healthy scratches.

When he left Buffalo teams did not line up to give him a chance he had to sign an 800K contract off a tryout. He made the most of that opportunity but still didn't get any type of major commitment from any NHL team, he signed with the KHL well after he tested the NHL FA market.

I don't see him taking much interest in returning to the NHL at least not for what any team would offer him.

Wasn't a huge fan of some of his antics personally.

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We don't need another skilled player who doesn't know where the corners are, how to finish a check or how to block a shot.

We need the complete opposite. Check out who's still playing for the cup right now. We need to go get guys like Brouwer, Hendricks, Knuble and Laich this summer...not that these guys are available, just this type of player. Guys that probably won't get you 30 goals or 60 points in the regular season, but will show up when it matters.

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