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van needs a top 6 forward chi needs a good goalie

van receives hossa and emery

chi recieves luongo, raymond, 2nd

*near equal value?

hossa and luo have roughly the same contract 5.3mill till 2020

hossa is a dynamic player but his concussion leaves some questions if he can bounce back and not get injured again with another one. he would be great and add a lot to our top 6. a line of

booth-kesler-hossa would be powerful and hopefully put van to the next level. emery is a 3rd goalie for the hawks so they throw him in to get rid of the cap

chicagos flaw this year was mostly in the net crawford didnt live up to expectations and struggled for most of the season. emery beat him out in the starting job quite a few times(not good). it could possibly be just a bad season or crawford can turn into another mason and be a one hit wonder. with solid goal-tending chicago would be another threatening team like they were a few years ago. they have cap space so they can acquire some good depth players and role-players. raymond is a decent speedy winger if he can get back to the 25 goal scorer he was a few years ago he would make the hawks a lot more deadly, they can probly sign him for cheap due to the last couple seasons under performing

so ignoring the hated rivalry btween these two teams and NTC would be waived is his a yes?

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@jumbotron92 i dont belive you can do that. but there have been rumors that chicago is on his list

@87crosby thats what im afraid of but there was an interview with there GM and they said he should be ready for training camp if not then he could be gone like savard or pronger for a whole year

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