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Quick! You Are Hiring Michael Bay To Sabotage A Beloved Franchise


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Pick a franchise whether it's gaming, comic-book, TV show, or anything in-between that's wildly popular to be sacrificed for big money. Imagine you're the head of a production company and you have Michael Bay as your exclusive director. You can point your weapon at anything.

Which popular main-stream franchise that you hate will be the sacrificial lamb?

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I'd say twilight, but Michael bay might actually make it bearable to watch. Most of the franchises I hate already suck, so they don't really need michael bay's help.

Maybe Titanic 2, now with extra explosions, circle panning, and an even worse plot

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Take Archie comics and turn it into a $200 million dollar special effects packed teen angst movie with a huge body count.

I cant wait for Bay to wow us with Bad Boys 3 and Transformers 4 Dark of my ass .I mean I STOLE Transformers 3 and still felt like I got ripped off but Im sure it was just a speedbump in Bays ascent to directing dominance. Noobdy can pan a camera like him. He does it so effortlessly. He doesnt even need a reason and nobody can spend so much on special effects that are so forgettable. How he does it is a mystery. Hes a true master craftsman.

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