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Canadian War Artist Allan Harding Mackay Talks About And Destroys His Work In Protest Of Harper Gov.

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War artist to protest government

May 8, 2012News > Politics > Power & Politics

Canadian War artist Allan Harding MacKay talks about his intent to publically destroy his artwork to protest what he calls government abuse of power


I'm not into art, but I have tremendous respect for it.. Seeing him rip up his work made me cringe. I've never heard of MacKay, but I gather he is a well respected Canadian artist. This is a quite a statement of protest.

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A major statement for an artist to tear up his/her own work.

The facetious responses aside, many intellectual Canadians are pretty uncomfortable with where Harper is taking this country mainly in foreign policy - in which Mr MacKay surely has some knowledge of.

And the only KD worth eating is the white cheddar.

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Don't be a dick. For the record, I have heard of this guy.

When you have an artist who is drawing paintings on Canadian military conflicts... and he's ripping 'em up for a cause, you stop and listen to what he has to say. I'd like to know what you have contributed to Canadian culture.

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