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Pavel Bure On Skates Again (With Footage)


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Nearly a year ago (June 6, 2011), Sportsnet conducted an interview with Pavel Bure. At the time, Pavel stated he had not been on skates in nearly 7 years. It seemed he was done playing hockey altogether, and it appeared there would never be any chance of him ever again stepping on to the ice in any capacity. For fans who had hoped Pavel would play hockey again, this was heartbreaking.

This February, however, Pavel participated in a very quiet celebration of Summit Series '72 by finally lacing up the skates and competing alongside other hockey legends. He scored a hat trick to secure a 7-5 win against the Canadian legends. I thought it would be neat to share with you the photos and some actual footage of him participating.

*Update* I've uploaded RussiaToday's game highlights to YouTube. While they didn't show any of Pavel's goals due to some particularly shoddy camera work and poor clip selection, he and Mogilny are quite prominently featured in the footage. He wears his usual #10 in this video.


Here he is alongside Alexander Mogilny.



Another photo of Mogilny:


Also, here's Pavel (to the right) skating around with Vladimir Putin at a separate event.


Now, one thing I'm sure we'd all like to find out is whether Pavel can still skate, to a degree, the way he used to. He may have retired several years ago due to knee problems, but he's only 41 years old and still in great shape, apparently.

He still looks like the Russian Rocket. He wasn't exactly skating at top speed, but that might just be because it was an exhibition match. He did score a hat trick, though, and his recognizable skating stride is still there.

It would be great to see what he can still do in a real match.

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