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What If Duncan Keith Received A Longer Suspension?

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Since the Canucks were eliminated, the only hockey I have really cared about is the World Hockey Championship because at least one of our beloved Canucks is a member of team Canada. Unfortunately, he is injured right now, but I am sure we will see him back on the ice soon. While watching the World Hockey Championship it's been difficult to cheer for certain players such as Duncan Keith. I do not like him for obvious reasons, nevertheless, I must admit I am glad he is Canadian. You always have to put your differences aside when cheering for Canada. However, I was wondering hypothetically what if Duncan Keith received 20 games for his hit on Daniel Sedin in the regular season (not saying he should have) and therefore he would still have to serve a few games next season. So my question is what would be the rules for international participation? If Duncan Keith still had to serve a suspension for next season, would he still be allowed to participate in the World Hockey Championships? Does anyone know the ruling on a situation like that?

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My understanding is he would not be allowed to play. I believe the IIHF upholds any league suspensions a player has.

I found this in the IIHF rules...

302. Player Suspensions

Member national associations must honour all IIHF suspensions.

Any penalty that might affect a player participating for his National Team must be reported immediately by the Member National Association to the Chairman of the subsequent IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. The first Directorate of such World Ice Hockey World Championship will review the circumstances, impose discipline and may refer the case to the IIHF Disciplinary Committee for further action.

Player suspensions will apply to participation in both ice hockey and In-line hockey competitions irrespective of the competition in which the offence giving rise to the suspension occurred.

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