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Pennywise The Clown As New Head Coach?


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Getting the Canucks to the Stanley cup finals, with back to back president's trophies is simply unacceptable. Us Vancouver fans deserve so much better.

We should have won the cup every year since 1970!

So I propose we blow the team to pieces (because isn't that what all the fans want?)

First of all, MG can trade away the Sedins for the first overall draft pick- Everyone just LOVES Russians, don't they?

Then he can trade Ryan Kesler to the Sabres for Cody Hodgson (because Coho just LOVED playing here!)

Then he can trade away Burrows and Lapierre for Kyle Wellwood (after all, we wouldn't want to upset anyone! We want to be LOVED and cuddled by the NHL! *Bruins*Cough*$%#^)

Finally, he can fire our elite coach (AV) and hire Pennywise the Clown (after all- you're only as good as your last game! Plus, us Vancouver fans need a coach who will murder our players if they don't score every game! Alain is just too soft; I mean, he DOESN'T even call out his players in public! He coaches and instructs behind the scenes- now what fun is THAT?!!!

Get the Point?

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